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Perfect Moments

     Well it’s no secret that fall is definitely here for us! The last few weeks have been a bit hectic but in a fun way.  With a few days of getting ready prior to going deer hunting and then being away at deer… Continue Reading “Perfect Moments”

Talk About Ruffled Feathers

Pumpkin Spice Lattés, changing leaves and chickens molting

Perfect Moments from the Homestead

     Good day Homestead fans,      I have always wanted my blogs to be real and down to earth.  There is no sugar coating why I’ve been a little absent lately, my sweet father in law passed away and we’ve all been… Continue Reading “Perfect Moments from the Homestead”

Perfect Moments

       Hi Homestead fans,      It’s hard to believe that we’re approaching the Labor Day weekend already….I guess I say this every year, how fast summer goes.  Funny, as a kid I remember summer vacation feeling like it was forever, well… Continue Reading “Perfect Moments”

Perfect Moments from the Week

     Hi Homestead fans,      It’s not been a typical couple of weeks on the Homestead for sure! I recently returned from a trip to Jersey where I got to enjoy, bond and just fall immensely in love with our new granddaughter! I’m… Continue Reading “Perfect Moments from the Week”

Perfect Moment Tuesday

     Greetings Homestead Fans,      I know I’m a day late, things on the homestead have been bussssy to say the least and all in a good way.      We’ve had a new addition (actually there’s probably more that we don’t… Continue Reading “Perfect Moment Tuesday”

Caring for Cast Iron Cookware

                                   Over the years I’ve used many many pans for “frying” or sautéing and there comes a time when I like certain ones, but more recently I’ve come… Continue Reading “Caring for Cast Iron Cookware”

Homemade Mayo

     Wondering what you can do with all those eggs you have on hand?  Homemade mayonnaise is quick and easy and if you have Mason jars on hand, you can do this right in the jar with an immersion blender.  If not, a… Continue Reading “Homemade Mayo”

Pasty Butt…What is it…What to do…How to Prevent It

     Pasty butt is a condition that sometimes happens with baby chicks.  Typically the cause is usually from being chilled or even stress and it’s found more often in chicks that have been shipped via mail more than chicks which are hatched at… Continue Reading “Pasty Butt…What is it…What to do…How to Prevent It”

Perfect Moment Monday

     It’s been a super week here on the Frisendahl Homestead….home of Sage Brush Fuzzy Butts:)      I hope all of the moms out there had a wonderful Mothers Day, that it was relaxing and fun and everything you wanted it to… Continue Reading “Perfect Moment Monday”