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Baby It’s Hot Outside

     Summer is here in full swing and with so many across the country dealing with heat waves, it’s so important to take extra care with your chickens.  I’ve done a post on this previously, but want to repost to help the chickens… Continue Reading “Baby It’s Hot Outside”

Perfect Moments from the Week

      Hello Homestead fans and I hope your week is going good for all of you! HOT & CALM      It was a busy but calm week for us.  While we had our “little project” of getting our gazebo all installed… Continue Reading “Perfect Moments from the Week”

Perfect Moments from the Week

     Hi there Homestead fans and hope you’re all having a great week so far.      You’ll notice a slightly different title of this weekly post and I’ve decided to change it up a bit since there have been oh about four… Continue Reading “Perfect Moments from the Week”

Homestead Excitement

     Well this day certainly had some excitement in it!  Today we got our first duck egg!

Perfect Moment Wednesday

     Here we are on a Wednesday Homestead fans!      I hope everyone had a safe and happy July 4th and for those that took little vacations…I do hope it was good.  We had been away for awhile, and with extremely little… Continue Reading “Perfect Moment Wednesday”

Perfect Moment Monday

     Been a never a dull moment week here on our ranch.  The girls are all laying beautiful eggs and giving us a great bounty to be able to share and our youngsters are really getting big!  I’m anticipating eggs from them by… Continue Reading “Perfect Moment Monday”

Perfect Moment Tuesday

     Greetings Homestead Fans,      I know I’m a day late, things on the homestead have been bussssy to say the least and all in a good way.      We’ve had a new addition (actually there’s probably more that we don’t… Continue Reading “Perfect Moment Tuesday”

Dog Days of Summer

     Ahh the dog days of summer, well just the nice warm weather alone just makes ya smile!       Now, while you should always be out having play/exercise time with your four legged bestie, summer brings even more time outside with… Continue Reading “Dog Days of Summer”

Perfect Moment Monday

     Hello homestead fans,      First, I hope all you dads out there had a great Fathers Day and got to make it the day you wanted it to be.  I know in our family my husband had a nice day and… Continue Reading “Perfect Moment Monday”

Perfect Moment Monday

     Hi there Sage Brush Homesteading fans,      It was a difficult week on the homestead.  As those of you following me know, my sweet Golden Retriever Logan had a nasty insidious form of cancer known as hemangiosarcoma, the number one killer of… Continue Reading “Perfect Moment Monday”