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Chickens Don’t Need Heat

Many posts back I mentioned chickens and heat in the winter months. With super cold conditions pretty much all over the country, I see social media questions about heating coops along with hearing friends talk about heat in their coops. I feel it bears… Continue Reading “Chickens Don’t Need Heat”

So What’s Been Going On

I know, I know, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted and it’s all for good reason(s). A lot has been going on around the homestead and of course like all of us, well life takes over sometimes. My daughter is getting married… Continue Reading “So What’s Been Going On”

Let’s Talk About Ventilation In the Coop

     Ventilation, let’s talk about it and the importance it plays on chicken health.      With the colder weather approaching many of us, it’s time to start thinking about winterizing our coops. If you’re a new chicken parent and this is your… Continue Reading “Let’s Talk About Ventilation In the Coop”

Perfect Moments

     Well it’s no secret that fall is definitely here for us! The last few weeks have been a bit hectic but in a fun way.  With a few days of getting ready prior to going deer hunting and then being away at deer… Continue Reading “Perfect Moments”

Talk About Ruffled Feathers

Pumpkin Spice Lattés, changing leaves and chickens molting

Perfect Moments from the Homestead

     Good day Homestead fans,      I have always wanted my blogs to be real and down to earth.  There is no sugar coating why I’ve been a little absent lately, my sweet father in law passed away and we’ve all been… Continue Reading “Perfect Moments from the Homestead”

Perfect Moments

       Hi Homestead fans,      It’s hard to believe that we’re approaching the Labor Day weekend already….I guess I say this every year, how fast summer goes.  Funny, as a kid I remember summer vacation feeling like it was forever, well… Continue Reading “Perfect Moments”

Perfect Moments from the Week

     Hi Homestead fans,      It’s not been a typical couple of weeks on the Homestead for sure! I recently returned from a trip to Jersey where I got to enjoy, bond and just fall immensely in love with our new granddaughter! I’m… Continue Reading “Perfect Moments from the Week”

Homestead Evacuation Information

     Hi Homestead fans,      As has been my goal of this site from the beginning to educate, inform and just plain have fun with, a friend brought something very important to my attention this morning and I feel it’s important to… Continue Reading “Homestead Evacuation Information”

Perfect Moments of the Week

THE HEAT IS ON      Baby it’s hot outside!  Yep, we’re still having the high temps of high 80’s – low 90’s.  Not too shabby for this heat lovin’ gal, but the sad part is that with these high temps and our low… Continue Reading “Perfect Moments of the Week”