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I’m back!!

Hello everyone! Well here I am and I’m delighted to be back and hoping that I can still entertain you while I’m “educating” you. It’s been kind of what I call slow, but the doctors and now the occupational therapist (and all the ones… Continue Reading “I’m back!!”

It’s me….I’m here

Well it’s me…I believe that sometime I have to write to let my readers know just what happened to me. On April 5th, I had a stroke. It came without ANY medical warnings whatsoever. Although, when I think I could have thought about it… Continue Reading “It’s me….I’m here”

Curtain Call!

Ok so some may say nest box curtains are a bit frivolous or just not necessary. I say oh but they are🙂 Way back when I started this site, one of my earlier posts was about adding curtains, in this case nest box curtains… Continue Reading “Curtain Call!”

So What’s Been Going On

For over a year now, I’ve posting a week in review either on Sunday or Monday. However, since I was also posting on my Facebook and Instagram accounts pretty much the same thing, I decided I was making extra work for myself, plus it… Continue Reading “So What’s Been Going On”

Thinking of becoming self sustaining?

With all that’s been going on in our world, I’m seeing more about people looking…or thinking about becoming self sustaining. To me, many are going into “panic-survival mode”. Since all this began, apparently one item hard to find are eggs Recently, it came to… Continue Reading “Thinking of becoming self sustaining?”

Natural Hand sanitizer

We’re experiencing a time when hand sanitizer is in high demand. Most of these contain alcohol which can be extremely drying to the skin. There is a great and natural alternative to purchasing these sanitizers and the neat part is that you can also… Continue Reading “Natural Hand sanitizer”

On the subject of natural wormers

Wild birds, rodents, infected earthworms or just encountering some parasites from the dirt they scratch and peck around in, are just some of the ways chickens can contract internal parasites. While some people use commercial wormers, and will even tell you to do this… Continue Reading “On the subject of natural wormers”

Ordering Chicks Online

Ok folks, spring is getting a little closer. Some of you already live in a milder climate but it’s still too early for even local feed stores to be offering baby chicks. I know in our area, typically around April is when the little… Continue Reading “Ordering Chicks Online”

It’s Been a Whirlwind of Sorts

Hi Homestead Fans, as the title implies, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind for us lately. We had traveled to Jersey for my daughters wedding (which was beautiful), spent the week in NJ visiting with some friends of mine and the wedding festivities.… Continue Reading “It’s Been a Whirlwind of Sorts”

Green Eggs and Ham….Yes!

One egg Two egg, green egg blue egg….You know about the white eggs and of course brown eggs…but then there’s all those other shades and tints of brown…and then there’s those pretty blue and green eggs. Well we all know chocolate milk comes from… Continue Reading “Green Eggs and Ham….Yes!”