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Where Do You Get Your Pet Food From

Just as the title implies, where do you buy your pet food and supplies from. I have to take a moment and brag a little on Chewy.com. We’ve been using Chewy.com for about Nine months now, and I’ve never been so impressed with a… Continue Reading “Where Do You Get Your Pet Food From”

Perfect Moments from the Week

     Hi Homestead fans,      It’s not been a typical couple of weeks on the Homestead for sure! I recently returned from a trip to Jersey where I got to enjoy, bond and just fall immensely in love with our new granddaughter! I’m… Continue Reading “Perfect Moments from the Week”

Perfect Moment Tuesday

     Greetings Homestead Fans,      I know I’m a day late, things on the homestead have been bussssy to say the least and all in a good way.      We’ve had a new addition (actually there’s probably more that we don’t… Continue Reading “Perfect Moment Tuesday”

Dog Days of Summer

     Ahh the dog days of summer, well just the nice warm weather alone just makes ya smile!       Now, while you should always be out having play/exercise time with your four legged bestie, summer brings even more time outside with… Continue Reading “Dog Days of Summer”