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Perfect Moments

       Hi Homestead fans,      It’s hard to believe that we’re approaching the Labor Day weekend already….I guess I say this every year, how fast summer goes.  Funny, as a kid I remember summer vacation feeling like it was forever, well… Continue Reading “Perfect Moments”

Perfect Moments from the Week

     Hi Homestead fans,      It’s not been a typical couple of weeks on the Homestead for sure! I recently returned from a trip to Jersey where I got to enjoy, bond and just fall immensely in love with our new granddaughter! I’m… Continue Reading “Perfect Moments from the Week”

Pasty Butt…What is it…What to do…How to Prevent It

     Pasty butt is a condition that sometimes happens with baby chicks.  Typically the cause is usually from being chilled or even stress and it’s found more often in chicks that have been shipped via mail more than chicks which are hatched at… Continue Reading “Pasty Butt…What is it…What to do…How to Prevent It”

Perfect Moment Monday Apr 15 – 21

     Been a productive week around the ranch and things are starting to take shape 😊     We’ve been quite busy with yard work. A lot of rototilling to level the yard out more and prepare for nice grass seed.  Work has begun… Continue Reading “Perfect Moment Monday Apr 15 – 21”

Perfect Moment Monday Apr 8 – 14

     Been a somewhat busy week here on the ranch.  New babies arrived on Wednesday and are doing great! The peeping box I received from Meyers Hatchery brought Lily, Peanut, Sage and Gabby, two Speckled Sussex a White Rock and a mystery chick!… Continue Reading “Perfect Moment Monday Apr 8 – 14”

Freshness Test for Eggs

      I just love to learn new things and pass them on and the other day I received an email with this interesting fact about how to tell if your eggs are fresh and just had to pass it to y’all.

It’s All Pretty in it’s Own Way

     Our week started off quite rainy and windy but we managing to get through it and still get some stuff done.  We’ve started rototilling the back yard area that’s closer to the house in order to level it off and plant some… Continue Reading “It’s All Pretty in it’s Own Way”

Perfect Moment Mondays….Homestead Happenings Mar 31 – Apr 7

     Perfect Moment Mondays…that’s what I’m now calling the peek at the week.  It just seems fitting since the focus of the newsletter (what? you’re not yet receiving the newsletter?? Oh no! Well fear not, just hit the pop up subscribe button or… Continue Reading “Perfect Moment Mondays….Homestead Happenings Mar 31 – Apr 7”

Homemade Electrolytes for Chickens

      Here we are with chick season in full swing and don’t ya just love it, and I…like so many others, find it extremely hard resisting the temptation to leave the store with a box of chicks in my hand and yes, I recently… Continue Reading “Homemade Electrolytes for Chickens”

Spring Time is Chick Time

     Happy Spring Ya’ll!! Yey it’s here it’s here.  Now while we all know we can still have winter turn around and say “ha gotcha” nonetheless I look forward to this…actually I look forward to summer way more, but I settle for spring… Continue Reading “Spring Time is Chick Time”