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c1  Thanks for stopping by!       Email me at: cindy@sagebrushhomesteading.blog About the Author | A former east coast gal born and raised for a short time in the country but who wound up living most of my life on the Jersey shore. I call myself a transplant since I relocated cross country to beautiful Southern Oregon in 2014. A freelancer/influencer with a health & wellness and hair care business since 2007. I also have a business providing graphic design and content development/management as well as loving photography, especially nature and I’m obsessed with homesteads.  Back east life is way different and I never really did enjoy the crazy hustle and bustle and of course for business I had to dress up. Dresses and high heels were the norm for me, I love dresses and heels and up until five years ago, I never owned more than one pair of plain jeans and whatever boots I had were high heels and fancy. Now a Farm Girl | My husband and I live in a big ol’ farm house in the middle of nowhere.  We call our little piece of heaven Frisendahl Homestead.  The closest “bigger town” (and I use that loosely) is thirty miles from us but we really don’t care.  We’re in what’s called the basin mainly cause it’s surrounded by mountains, trees and lots of sagebrush the latter of which was the inspiration for the name of my business and this blog site.  Our little homestead consists of 6.5 acres and we share our loving simpler life with three dogs, a Border Collie puppy Austin, two Blue Heelers Zeb and Gabe.  Gabe is considered a rare white Blue Heeler, he’s rare alright…in his own loving way.  Also on the farm are 23 chickens, 3 ducks, 6 barnyard kitties and our two Pygmy goats Larkin and Spencer!  More chickens will shortly be joining our farm and ….well….who knows what else. I’ve long since traded in my collection of heels for boots and I have to say I LOVE my cowboy boots!  Dresses have been replaced by jeans which I now have way more of and they are no longer plain…hey a girls still gotta have her bling right?  Comfy shirts and gloves for working around the farm and I’ve never been happier! Why this blog site |  I decided to start this blog site to hopefully help others out.  I’ve embraced the farm/homestead life with a passion, the same passion I have for my businesses. With my health & wellness, I’m able to teach and help others that they have a choice in healthier products and with homesteading that’s what we’re doing. Learning about and living healthier.  My other business allows me to help others save time by having me do what may take them hours to do either cause they can’t be bothered or just don’t know how to do. I don’t claim to be an expert on homesteading, I’m always learning and am a sponge with learning new things!  Some of what I’ve learned over time has been through doing things myself or from tips and tricks from others. One thing I’ve always said is that if I have something that can help others why wouldn’t I want to share it.  My hope with my blogs is to provide others with helpful information, especially those brand new to homesteading, and for the seasoned homesteaders, well I and my readers welcome tips and tricks from you too. Feel free to comment and subscribe |  I look forward to hearing from you and be assured that I will read and answer everyone personally. For Advertisers |  Sage Brush Homesteading can be found on various social media platforms including this blog, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and others to be added as well as chicken, duck and goat keepers, hobby farmers, homesteaders and others in your target market.  I’ll regularly mention, tag and share from sponsors’ pages and websites.  I do accept advertising from and work to promote companies whose products I can stand behind and products that I feel will be of interest and benefit my fans. bloglogofinal              Sponsor Endorsement Disclosure To support this site and other activities, Sage Brush Homesteading may be an affiliate and accept commission or other monetary compensation for products or services that I recommend in exchange for honest reviews, recommendations or endorsements.  I only endorse products and services that pass my standards of excellence and that I trust and believe in.  All opinions are my own and not influenced by any compensation received. Copyright Disclosure All photos and copy are original content unless otherwise noted and may only be shared with permission and proper credit and link back to this site.  Articles may not be shared in their entirety without credit to Sage Brush Homesteading and/or Sage Brush Design & Media Studio Facebook   |    Instagram    |    Website    |    Etsy

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