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Dogs, Cats, Chickens & Oh My….Goats!

A few years ago as hubby and I were out in our pasture, I said we have all this room, we should really add more livestock! We’re both animal lovers and well what’s the point of having a little farm without the critters to… Continue Reading “Dogs, Cats, Chickens & Oh My….Goats!”

Addicted to Chicks

Currently on the homestead we’ve been blessed with getting eggs all winter long!  This was my first winter with chickens and I was concerned about lack of eggs. With only 22 girls laying (let me clarify….as winter approached not all were laying yet…some came… Continue Reading “Addicted to Chicks”

For Your Eyes Only

          Since my blogs are for homesteading and health  & wellness, this topic certainly fits…I think.      I’m like so many others…vision issues.  A contact lens wearer for many years, once I moved to a much drier climate and simpler… Continue Reading “For Your Eyes Only”

It’s Cold Now What?

We’re having a winter day on the homestead today…Yey! It’s been snowing since late this morning but it’s one of those wet snows that just makes more mess than mass!  You know you’ve become a farm girl when you’re outside taking care of the… Continue Reading “It’s Cold Now What?”

Increasing Calcium

     I hear a lot about soft egg shells and what can help with this.  There’s lots of supplements on the market and some are very good.  I myself have not used any supplements for this since my girls have always given us… Continue Reading “Increasing Calcium”

Weekend on the Farm

 I love being productive and when it comes to working on the farm and we have productive days it’s awesome!      Hubby and I love our weekends and doing whatever we want to do.  However, there are times when things around the homestead… Continue Reading “Weekend on the Farm”

Yes You Can Spend More Time on your Homestead & Still Earn An Income

       A little different post here but one I feel goes – or can go hand in hand with homesteading. For many who are homesteaders, whether you just started or have been at this for a while, you started this because you… Continue Reading “Yes You Can Spend More Time on your Homestead & Still Earn An Income”

The Scoop on Fermented Chicken Feed

     I always make sure that my chickens have plenty of food and water to get their day started before I get out to them.  They have their own little doorway to go out of in the morning since they get up earlier… Continue Reading “The Scoop on Fermented Chicken Feed”