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Love Homestead Mornings🙂

     Ah I love these beautiful mornings, these are the days I grab the laptop and do some writing outside. You know the type that you can sit outside with morning coffee and enjoy all the sweet farm sounds.  For me, that’s the sound… Continue Reading “Love Homestead Mornings🙂”

Perfect Moment Monday Apr 29 – May 5

     Happy May y’all and can ya believe it’s already May!  It’s funny, back when I was a kid, my granny use to say “time goes faster as you get older” and me both being a kid and well…me said “oh grandma you’re… Continue Reading “Perfect Moment Monday Apr 29 – May 5”

Perfect Moment Monday…..Apr 22 -28

     Happy Monday y’all.  I first have to apologize that this Perfect Moment Monday is a little bit late, what can I say other than it was just one of those really busy weeks where I didn’t get into my office much, and… Continue Reading “Perfect Moment Monday…..Apr 22 -28”

Living Remotely…..Some Shopping Resources

     For many homestead/farmstead folks we live in more remote areas where quick, easy and variety of shopping is limited.  I’m a huge proponent of buying local, however, there are times what I want or need is not available in my area.  Big… Continue Reading “Living Remotely…..Some Shopping Resources”

Perfect Moment Monday Apr 8 – 14

     Been a somewhat busy week here on the ranch.  New babies arrived on Wednesday and are doing great! The peeping box I received from Meyers Hatchery brought Lily, Peanut, Sage and Gabby, two Speckled Sussex a White Rock and a mystery chick!… Continue Reading “Perfect Moment Monday Apr 8 – 14”

Freshness Test for Eggs

      I just love to learn new things and pass them on and the other day I received an email with this interesting fact about how to tell if your eggs are fresh and just had to pass it to y’all.

A Peek at the Week on the Homestead Mar 24 – 30

  Hi there homestead fans!   I’m sure many of you may be getting back to your routines after spring breaks in some areas and if so, welcome back!  Happy April y’all! Here on the Frisendahl Homestead spring is definitely in the air!  The beginning… Continue Reading “A Peek at the Week on the Homestead Mar 24 – 30”

Easiest Way to Peel Fresh Eggs

     I come across this constantly and am asked “how the heck do you peel fresh eggs without removing most of the egg”.  Well my friends, here is a super easy “Appealing” way to do it!

Poisonous Plants to Avoid

     It’s that time of year again when we either start to plant or have perennials popping back up after a long dormant winter.  However, whether you have a large or small homestead or farm, there is a list of plants to avoid… Continue Reading “Poisonous Plants to Avoid”

Come On In, We’re Open

     It’s a great day at the Homestead Store so come on in and check out what’s new!      Over the last couple of weeks I’ve mentioned about adding some goodies for purchase.  This has been a work in progress looking into… Continue Reading “Come On In, We’re Open”