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It’s Been a Whirlwind of Sorts

Hi Homestead Fans, as the title implies, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind for us lately. We had traveled to Jersey for my daughters wedding (which was beautiful), spent the week in NJ visiting with some friends of mine and the wedding festivities.… Continue Reading “It’s Been a Whirlwind of Sorts”

Where Do You Get Your Pet Food From

Just as the title implies, where do you buy your pet food and supplies from. I have to take a moment and brag a little on We’ve been using for about Nine months now, and I’ve never been so impressed with a… Continue Reading “Where Do You Get Your Pet Food From”

Chickens Don’t Need Heat

Many posts back I mentioned chickens and heat in the winter months. With super cold conditions pretty much all over the country, I see social media questions about heating coops along with hearing friends talk about heat in their coops. I feel it bears… Continue Reading “Chickens Don’t Need Heat”

EEK It’s Cold 🥶

Greetings homestead fans, I hope each and every one of you had a happy, safe and healthy Thanksgiving. Ours was fairly quiet and a good one. It’s certainly no doubt winter is upon us! Whew we had a snow storm blow in the beginning… Continue Reading “EEK It’s Cold 🥶”

Perfect Moments from the Homestead

     Good day Homestead fans,      I have always wanted my blogs to be real and down to earth.  There is no sugar coating why I’ve been a little absent lately, my sweet father in law passed away and we’ve all been… Continue Reading “Perfect Moments from the Homestead”

Perfect Moment Monday

                What a week it’s been.  One thing I’m happy to report to those of you following….Logan is still with us and doing “ok”.  Actually I laugh and say he probably just was having camping withdrawal and couldn’t… Continue Reading “Perfect Moment Monday”

Perfect Moment Monday

       Hello Sage Brush Homesteading fans.      I apologize for this weekly update coming so late, it’s been an extremely difficult week.  If some of you reading this are upset easily, I’m going to caution further reading as I will be… Continue Reading “Perfect Moment Monday”

Homemade Mayo

     Wondering what you can do with all those eggs you have on hand?  Homemade mayonnaise is quick and easy and if you have Mason jars on hand, you can do this right in the jar with an immersion blender.  If not, a… Continue Reading “Homemade Mayo”

Pasty Butt…What is it…What to do…How to Prevent It

     Pasty butt is a condition that sometimes happens with baby chicks.  Typically the cause is usually from being chilled or even stress and it’s found more often in chicks that have been shipped via mail more than chicks which are hatched at… Continue Reading “Pasty Butt…What is it…What to do…How to Prevent It”

Perfect Moment Monday

     It’s been a super week here on the Frisendahl Homestead….home of Sage Brush Fuzzy Butts:)      I hope all of the moms out there had a wonderful Mothers Day, that it was relaxing and fun and everything you wanted it to… Continue Reading “Perfect Moment Monday”