It’s me….I’m here

Well it’s me…I believe that sometime I have to write to let my readers know just what happened to me.

On April 5th, I had a stroke. It came without ANY medical warnings whatsoever. Although, when I think I could have thought about it now, those little “things” that held me back, those things that held me up against the washing machine, crooked-like all the while saying “wow can I move”, I would have made a quick call to the hospital.

I had small things that happened that reminded me of something like a stroke, but I chose not to let in thinking that it was nothing, since after about five minutes it started to go away and I thought OK I was cool so now I went on with my rest my tasks since after that I was alright. Instead of doing that, I would (and will) make that call. I will take it upon myself to go to the hospital, rather than wait till the next day, when my husband had to work and I thought I was OK, and even let my chickens out of the chicken coop (?) what was I thinking.

Let me tell you something, if there’s one thing you can do it’s take care of your body! Take care of the way you care about it, this is something that I did but I have to say until I felt those feelings I didn’t think it was anything, I thought they were just something little, but when you have anything that feels odd that’s when you call!

I have to say that the that the one thing that happened to me is that the right side of my body cannot do what it used to. The right side is what I used to rely on. I used to think that the right leg, the right arm, and yes even the right side of my face (which REALLY isn’t that bad, just makes for more talking). I’ve come along way since I’ve been talking, I’ve come along way since what I’ve been doing, I’ve come along way indeed from what I was when they brought me in. I’ve been told that I’ll make a miraculous recovery, most likely most of it if not all. The key is to what I’ve been doing, I’m going to my therapy twice a week and doing what I’m told. And for that, I will always be grateful. I’m kept up with my daily trainings. I’ve really not thought about what could happen if I don’t do, it I just keep doing it.

One thing I really like to do, is thank my husband because without him I would not be where I am right now. Thank you Fritz, you are my amazing man.

All of this can happen to ANYONE, it doesn’t matter age or not. It doesn’t matter health issues or not.

Thanks for reading my blog, I invite your comments and I personally will read and answer each one. Pass these on to others who may enjoy them and follow me on Instagram and Facebook Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’re up to:) …Cindy

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