Painting the coop interior makes it easier on you!

Deciding if you should paint inside your chicken coop? Here’s some reasons why painting it can serve a purpose and make things easier on you.

First, painting protects the bare wood which makes it harder for chicken parasites to hide-out. **Note: Not all chickens and coops get mites, but in the event it happens, it’s not the end of the world and can be taken care of.

Second, painting helps keep the coop more sanitary and much easier to clean. I have painted my entire coop interior in white barn paint from Home Depot, which is safe in the event they peck at it. Some have asked why white in a chicken coop, first I can see everything so in the event anything did decide to take up residence in there…some minute little bug…I can see it and take care of it quickly. Plus, I do like to change up their curtains in the spring and fall and want a neutral palette to work with (um that along with the sage brush green trim paint also purchased from Home Depot).😊

I’ve put three coats of paint on the roosts, but even after the first coat, I had a much easier time of cleaning them off. I do use a paint scraper to clean off the roosts each morning and it just glides nicely instead of being hard to clean off. Plus in the spring and fall when you do a deep clean, it’s so much easier to just use some water and natural coop cleaner, deodorizer to clean the roosts and anything else in the coop that needs cleaning.

So now that you know the “why to paint a chicken coop” go have some fun with not only painting the outside but also the inside. Plus, let’s face it, the chickens like it too..😉

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