Curtain Call!

Ok so some may say nest box curtains are a bit frivolous or just not necessary. I say oh but they are🙂

Way back when I started this site, one of my earlier posts was about adding curtains, in this case nest box curtains in the coop. Is it just a pretty addition? Ah mayyyyyybe, however, they do serve a purpose or two.

Some chickens like privacy when they’re laying and like to have just a little something to “hide” behind. Other times, if it’s super cold out and/or you live in a very cold climate, curtains come in handy to block out some of the colder air in addition to keeping some heat in. And well let’s not forget some of the other important factors…..they’re just too stinkin’ cute and well the chickens like ’em! I always say “happy chickens happy eggs”.

As mentioned in my last post along with on my Facebook and Instagram our main coop and the run area has been undergoing some remodeling, freshening up and well just adding more “prettiness” (yep a word…in my world) to all of it. The inside of the coop is now complete and the finishing touches are being added. Currently I have thirty-eight chickens (with a goal of fifty😜), twenty-eight of them are laying, two are roos and eight are only a little over five weeks old. I wanted to plan and make a nesting area for the correct ratio of chicken to nest box for fifty chickens which typically is three to four chickens per nest box. Our other coop has an additional eight nest boxes so I’m ok on this🙂.

I’ve looked at other nesting areas, had my previous ones for two years and this time around wanted something different, something that would hit me. I follow Lisa Steele, Fresh Eggs Daily and have several of her books. I had preordered her latest book DIY Chicken Keeping from Fresh Eggs Daily 40+ Projects last year and as soon as I received it and looked through it, I saw her nesting box project and said “That’s it! This is what I want to do”. , Lisa has so many cool and quick projects in this book, I highly recommend it!! I’ve already done a couple of the projects!!

For my own coop, I had the inspiration from Lisa, but had to do some adapting to my coop. I used the front and back walls and built it in between those. Made it taller since I wanted to get nine boxes in that area. Previously I had only four, up higher and I always had a “waiting line” with the girls, well cause they pick their favorite one, and “how could that other girl lay in my nest” So now the boxes are larger, very easy to get to, have more to chose from and have very cute curtains with pineapples on them! Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality and welcoming and I just fell in love with the fabric, which I purchased at Walmart.

The curtains are super easy to do and are no sew! All I did was get out my staple gun and staple the turned down edges along with securing the tie backs with a staple to each divider. I cut the fabric with scalloping shears to keep from fraying (my last curtains were up for two years and never frayed one bit) and there ya go! Instant curtains.

I’m a huge proponent of using what you find at yard sales, around the ranch, reclaimed materials and of course pallets! I keep a “supply” section in our barn. I have an old “astroturf” rug and decided to cut some of that larger than the boxes to not only hold more nest material in, but also for added cushioning on their fuzzy butts (even though one lady laid an egg in a box before I was even done with them😯) and when I wanna do a good cleaning, I can take these out, hose them off and wash them and back in they go!

Thanks for reading my blog, I invite your comments and I personally will read and answer each one. Pass these on to others who may enjoy them and follow me on Instagram and Facebook Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’re up to:) …Cindy

New nest boxes done and of course with this sweet happy pineapple fabric🍍
And one of the first eggs laid in the new nest 😊
Willow tested, Willow approved😊

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