Where Do You Get Your Pet Food From

Just as the title implies, where do you buy your pet food and supplies from. I have to take a moment and brag a little on Chewy.com.

We’ve been using Chewy.com for about Nine months now, and I’ve never been so impressed with a company as I am with Chewy.com. First and foremost is their super customer service, and I mean super. In a time when customer service has seemed to go by the wayside, they go above and beyond and in return they have very loyal, happy and truly satisfied customers🙂

While I’m someone who believes in shopping locally as much as possible, we’re also located in a quite rural area where online shopping is the norm for me and many others. I came upon Chewy.com after asking some of my family and friends where they were getting their dog food from. I was also looking for a really good quality food, one not always on the recall list, grain-free, good price but even easier….able to be delivered right to my door when I needed it.

After doing my research on the brands Chewy.com offers and able to look up all the ingredients in each one, I decided to give them a try. I’ve opted for auto-ship since I never have to worry about running out of dog food, lugging it into my pick up and lugging it out. Just a note here, the auto-ship feature can be edited to add items, change the ship date etc. On several occasions this came in super handy when I needed some other items for our other critters and just added it to my next order, upped the date and voila….I had it and saved money at the same time!!

They have a return/exchange policy like no other and on two occasions when I had to do a return/exchange, they refunded me and told me to donate the item(s) to a local shelter which I did. On another occasion a best friend of mine lost her beloved dog, calling to let them know about needing to change her auto-ship they not only accommodated her, offered condolences, but also sent a card and flowers directly to her within a few days of her dogs’ passing. Now what company does this anymore? Not many.

My daughter received a hand painted canvas of her pup just because she had to change his food due to him being very ill at the time. All of this is what made me also want to promote Chewy.com. Customer service to me is the most important thing a business can offer, and when one goes above and beyond, they deserve to be recognized and promoted and when I believe in products and a company, I myself believe in sharing this with others.

As you can see by the photos below, the big Chewy.com boxes that show up at our homestead are quite a welcome sight. I was inspired to write this today after the delivery showed up and I brought it inside. While working here in my home office I looked over and saw my Seven month old Border Collie puppy, Austin sitting there staring at me with a look of “well we opening this or what” and then he just sank down and rested his head on it!🥰Thank you Chewy.com for all that you do and please never change, stay just the way you are!

Thanks for reading my blog, I invite your comments and I personally will read and answer each one. Pass these on to others who may enjoy them and follow me on Instagram and Facebook Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’re up to:) …Cindy

Hey mom are we gonna open this?? I know something in here is for meeeeeeee”

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