Perfect Moments from the Week

     Hi Homestead fans,

     It’s not been a typical couple of weeks on the Homestead for sure! I recently returned from a trip to Jersey where I got to enjoy, bond and just fall immensely in love with our new granddaughter! I’m happy to say that the eggs I transported to my kiddos in Jersey not only made it just fine but needless to say they’re very impressed with them.  My son who is an avid fisherman, usually catching fresh tuna and mako said he’ll send me a cooler with fresh fish and I can send it back with fresh eggs, sure is a plan and sits well with me! He made a nice breakfast for us with the eggs and it sure made me feel good to enjoy my girls nuggets all the way on the east coast.  Especially since I just cannot do store bought eggs anymore😉

     It was also great being with my daughter for her bridal shower.  Her and her fiancé also had to travel to Jersey and having all my kiddos and granddaughter together was a huge joy for this mama❤️  Now their wedding in January and yep……baaack to Jersey🙄

     Hubby took good care of the ranch in my absence, and happy to report that things went well with my puppy Austin as well.

     No sooner did I return and with one day in between we were back on our way for a camping trip for a few days.  Of course when you’re away and doing other things, there’s still work to be done around here and there’s plenty of work that needs to be done around here, which is what we’ve spent much of this week doing and have a full plate for the weekend.  One thing I can say though is that no matter what, working around the homestead always brings joy! 

     Enjoy some perfect moments!


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