Perfect Moments of the Week


     Baby it’s hot outside!  Yep, we’re still having the high temps of high 80’s – low 90’s.  Not too shabby for this heat lovin’ gal, but the sad part is that with these high temps and our low to almost no humidity,  fire season is heating up no pun intended.  Last year was so bad for many many people and in areas of Southern California it was completely devastating to say the least.  My brother is a logger and also one of the many brave men who fight these fires during the season, better forest management needs to come back and be done in order to cut down on many of these horrible fires.  It’s quite smokey even in our area, with visibility of our beautiful mountains pretty obscured along with a little smell of smoke in the air. I will be posting on homestead preparedness and info on places to go, people to help in the event of evacuations in some areas.  With my intent of this blog site to offer helpful information, I feel it’s necessary.


     My girls manage to stay cool, but definitely between the heat and getting ready to go into mol, there’s been a little less eggs than usual but still a dozen and/or more daily, but the good news is that my younger girls have started laying!! Yey.  The gal who took care of them while we were recently away found a small blue one and soft white egg, both indicate new layers which makes me quite happy!

     Hubby and I made it a long weekend of camping.  We have a beautiful spot we go to right along the creek and parked our trailer just six feet from it, making for a very relaxing time enjoying the water, fishing and the sounds from the water rushing over the rocks.  The pups had a great time as well.  Our female Blue Heeler LOVES the water, Gabe our white Blue Heeler not such a huge fan, but will get his feet wet and venture just a little farther in but that’s it! This was Austin’s (my Border Collie puppy) first time in the water….other than tubby time of course and he enjoyed himself 😊.  With me in the water, he kept wanting to come in so I’d bring him in and let him paddle around.  Of course he’d paddle to shore very quickly but still would come right back for more.


    For those of you that have Border Collies and have had puppies that get wet….they are so funny looking.  Austin’s ears are now semi “sticky ups semi flippy downs” and when wet…well if anyone remembers Gremlins…that’s what he reminded me of.  Speaking of Austin, he turned eleven weeks on Sunday and he’s doing great!  Of course training a Border Collie can be a little challenging…of the top twenty-five most intelligent dogs, Borders are number one and let me tell you….after having Goldens, these dogs are definitely different.  When you’re dealing with a dog that is bred with certain instincts, especially that of thinking on their own in order to do their job, they want to train you instead of you training them!  But it’s my little challenge and he’s a sweet boy and actually quite easy to work with and there are those breed instincts things he does when working with him that I haven’t taught him and he just does which does amaze me!  Border Collies have intense focus and those eyes always watching me steal my heart for sure!!  I am happy to say that he’s done quite well with “hold” and not chasing after the goats, chickens and ducks.  He can be a big help when every so often a couple girls decide to be hanging out later than the others and then can’t see their way back to the coop.  That’s rare though since my girls are like clockwork and all head in to roost pretty much the same time every day and everyone goes in….but those younger ones wanna stay up late sometimes 🙂 


     Later this week I head to Jersey to spend a few days with my kiddos and new granddaughter!  My daughter and her fiancé will be flying in as well for her bridal shower.  I am taking farm fresh eggs for them of course and will definitely have a post with that next week!  I know I’ll ruin them for store bought eggs though!! Oh well.  Our granddaughter needs to know about farm fresh livin’ for sure!

     Enjoy the photos from the week.

    As always…keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’re up to!  If you enjoyed this post, please follow, share with others who you think would enjoy or benefit from it and sign up so you don’t miss a thing and also for my weekly newsletter.    Have an Outstanding Day!



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