Perfect Moments from the Week

      Hello Homestead fans and I hope your week is going good for all of you!


     It was a busy but calm week for us.  While we had our “little project” of getting our gazebo all installed and preparing an area for lawn, it was a little “lazier” week.  While many, especially on the east coast have been enjoying 😲 a heat wave I guess we’re having one of our own. It’s been in the low 90’s here, the saving grace is that since we’re high desert climate, we are dry so ya certainly do not feel it like with humidity.  This east coast transplant can say that with absolute honesty!  And for any of you that have lived in humid climates can agree to, you NEVER get use to it! The thing here is that the sun is very hot and with our homestead getting full sun pretty much all day, you try to avoid doing the strenuous stuff if you can, which a lot of times I’ll put some stuff off til the morning or evening when the suns’ not as strong.  But don’t get me wrong, I love the heat and summer time, always have and always will. We don’t have central air or even A/C units in our home, actually it’s not needed!  More homes here don’t have it than do and it’s very comfortable anyway.  The trees we have aren’t really even close to the house, but for whatever reason, our home always stays cool in summer with just the use of ceiling fans….again, without that humidity you can do it!  Nights go down pretty cool so all in all it’s very comfortable and not hot in our house – day or night 🙂 


     So our gazebo is up and we’ve been enjoying it in the evenings and I’ve been certainly getting my enjoyment out of it, it’s my outside office!  Many times I’ll work on my blog/websites or do design work from my outside studio.  I will admit that yesterday it was quite windy, but the wind was blowing a very warm air around and doing some design work for a client was more comfy in my inside studio than outside 😉

      I decided to get a chandelier for our gazebo and am loving it! I mean homestead or not, a little rustic elegance is always in order! I found a cute “gather”  wood cutout which I was going to use for the Sage Brush Fuzzy Butts house or run, but when I stuck it on a table I liked it better there, so here it shall stay! 


     Going into my favorite antique shop…more like a small village…..I found some goodies yet again.  I have never left without something and while I could’ve walked out with way more, I had certain things in mind I was looking for and stuck with just those!  I’ve been searching for a chicken egg basket for so long, oh sure you can find new ones but they’re just not the same. I wanted an antique one, but of course still strong enough to hold my days gatherings of butt nuggets.  I found it!  Tucked behind a few other objects, I feasted my eyes on it….while it was a little dusty, I brought it home and cleaned it up and it works perfectly and sits on my counter waiting for it’s daily job.  I have another basket which I had been using but now it will hang in the chicken run….just in case I forget to grab Miss Chickie, and yes I have gone out to gather more eggs and forgot the basket…shirt tails, pockets or pulling my shirt bottom out has worked in a pinch😉

     Also on my anti-q journey I found a cute little solar light someone had made and it was just perfect for somewhere….last night I found the perfect spot, hanging from my pallet gardeners work bench and it stayed lit into the wee morning hours!  I just love finding goodies at thrift, antique (or as I like to call them “anti-q”) shops or just around anywhere.  And repurposing can be so fun!


     Next week I head off to Jersey to meet our new granddaughter Charleigh Jaye which I am so very excited about.  My son and daughter in law live back there so visiting with them will be fun along with being with my daughter who will be in Jersey for a wedding and her bridal shower.  I’m a little nervous leaving my puppy Austin, I’m his and his routine and now his routine will be gone for a few days…oh no!  Hubby will be home tending to the flock, goats and of course our pups.  He knows what to do and I’m leaving everyone in very capable hands and heart, but nonetheless leaving my young puppy bothers me.


     Duck egg production is going nicely!  Two big eggs greet me every morning, one on each end of the gate, I call them bookend eggs and thank Truffles and Aflac every day for their gifts to us.  I’m not sure which girl is doing it, but someone is laying double yolkers!!  And with all the lovemaking from Drake, I’m wondering if at some point we will be blessed with baby ducks…sure would be sweet to have!

     Enjoy the photos from the week!

      As always…keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’re up to!  If you enjoyed this post, please follow, share with others who you think would enjoy or benefit from it and sign up so you don’t miss a thing and also for my weekly newsletter.    Have an Outstanding Day!




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