Perfect Moment Wednesday

     Here we are on a Wednesday Homestead fans!

     I hope everyone had a safe and happy July 4th and for those that took little vacations…I do hope it was good.  We had been away for awhile, and with extremely little to no service, needless to say even what I could write wouldn’t have gotten out to y’all, but well it is summer and things get a little more “relaxed”.


     It was a fun time for us camping and having little Austin for his first big adventure, although a little strange not having Logan, since he was always with us.  Austin had a super time as did Zeb and Gabe. Zeb is one of our Blue Heelers (Australian Cattle Dog) who I have to say may just put my Austin (Border Collie) to shame as far as energy goes.  I tell ya, this girl can go and go!!  But even super busy ladies like her can over-do and boy did she!  By Friday evening as we all sat around a fire stove at night, Zeb was on the deck of our trailer making it clear she wanted to go in and was ready for bed😲  After letting her in she crashed in Austin’s crate and when it was time to put Austin to bed and get her out, our poor girl was showing she was a little sore….Poor Zeb…yep even at five years old she out did herself.  Saturday was more of a resting day for her, even though she still wanted to run and fetch.  Took her until yesterday afternoon to show more of herself!  Ah these dogs.  But they are all getting along better and better and it’s kinda fun to watch how Austin learns from Gabe and Zeb.  No doubt about it, Austin is gonna be a great camper!  All total there were six dogs to all play together and even the two older ladies Lucy and Daisy enjoyed the time as well 🙂


     Egg production is brisk and the gal who took care of the chickens and ducks while we were away got a nice daily find for sure!  One thing I do have to comment on is how I’m amazed the youngsters…well not so young anymore….thirteen and fourteen weeks now….have blended in with the older ladies, and oh yeah…Ricky!  This was the easiest and best way I’ve ever introduced and integrated new chicks into the flock!  When the nine chicks were four weeks old, they were put outside but we had divided the run and added a door so that everyone could see each other but the big girls couldn’t get to the littles.  Inside the other coop, I put the large clear tote that housed them inside on its’ side facing the small pop door and screwed it to the coop to hold in place.  This way the big girls could see them when they went inside to lay eggs in that coop but again, not get to them.  The littles could use the run and get use to going into that coop and still be safe.  It worked wonderfully! In fact, the big girls never even really paid attention to the young ones! When they were bigger, I removed the tote box and opened the run door and everyone could come and go along with the young ones being able to free range.  To this day there has never been any chasing or pecking or any of that usual and typical behavior associated with introducing newbies.  Also, the young ones now know that that is their coop that they go to in the evening and will lay in.  If you can do this, I highly recommend it as it was the best way and how I’ll do it from now on! The nine younger ones still pretty much stick together for the most part, although many times as free ranging will be hanging with the big girls.  No matter what, it’s so fun to watch all the interactions going on within the flock(s).


     Two young cows have graced our pasture along with the two horses a friend of ours occasionally have graze in it.  I love cows, so looking out and seeing them (along with being able to interact with them) is a joy!


     Our little “crops” are doing fine.  Some better than others and depending on where they’re planted, but this is new for me here so it’s a learning experience.  However, today I did harvest two large heads of broccoli and the corn is looking sweet…no pun intended ha.  Our tomato plants are all loaded with blossoms so I’m hoping for a banner year with them along with our zucchini….which does phenomenal here! 


     Larkin and Spencer enjoyed time at “summer camp” again, and I’m told they got nose to nose with the new barnyard kittens, while Larkin enjoyed hanging with Sugar the Llama in the morning and evening…Spencer…well he just enjoyed watching that whole bunch of cute females, sorry Spencer you’re fixed and of not much use to them. I found it funny as I drove them to Linda’s that as I had Austin laying with his head on my lap, I have Larkin with her head looking over my shoulder! Back seat driver?? Yep this is my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

     Austin had his first vet check Monday and I’m happy to say he was said to be perfect and healthy🥰.  I gave him his second booster shot that afternoon and Linda Colville took care of microchipping him. He turned eight weeks old on Sunday and is up to almost twelve pounds and doing great!  It’s so cool to watch his love and loyalty grow for his main “hooman”….ME! 

     Enjoy the week in photos!

     As always…keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’re up to!  If you enjoyed this post, please follow, share with others who you think would enjoy or benefit from it and sign up so you don’t miss a thing and also for my weekly newsletter.    Have an Outstanding Day!




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