Perfect Moment Tuesday

     Greetings Homestead Fans,

     I know I’m a day late, things on the homestead have been bussssy to say the least and all in a good way.

     We’ve had a new addition (actually there’s probably more that we don’t know about yet) to our family as of Friday afternoon.  I picked up my puppy, (I say my puppy since he actually is mine) earlier than anticipated.  But when the breeder called to say I could come and get him, well of course I finished up what I was doing and jumped at the chance to get my little lovebug!

     Now those of you who’ve raised puppies know they’re kind of like babies….take up a lot of time and well there’s the times they’re just so cute and sweet laying in your arms that not much else gets done….but it’s all too temporary so I savor every minutes of it for I know this too shall pass, well the puppy stuff anyway.  And let’s not forget the fun box that came from that made for a very happy puppy


     I’ve been asked how did I decide on the name Austin for him, well I tell ya, years back I thought my next dog would be an Aussie (Australian Shepard) and while I’m not a big beer drinker, Fosters (the Australian beer) was always one of my favs…remember the commercial?  Fosters, Australian for beer (she says in an Australian accent) so I thought Foster would be cute.  Then I started thinking, hey why not Austin (Aussie you know) but I really started liking that name so my little Border Collie puppy became Austin, and now you know the story behind his name 🙂

     Everything has been going well, with his potty training, crate training and enjoying having his older “brother and sister”.  I’m happy to say he’s been doing quite well and enjoying life on the ranch.


     On another note, the gardens are doing pretty good despite some of the weather we’ve been having this year.  We’ve got little heads of broccoli, and tiny ears of corn forming!  Our zucchini do amazing and looks like we’re gonna have another explosive year with them.  Have any of you ever had fried zucchini blossoms?  They are incredibly delicious!  Sometimes hard to come by, I mean after all, when you take the blossoms you’re taking what could be a nice zucchini.  Tomatoes are kind of a slow go this year, again I attribute it to our weather, so much for that “global warming” thing here.  We had some darn cool nights last week, including the first day of summer being a 36 degree overnight 😳 and while years back this was something you could expect here, for the five years that I’ve been here, I’ve not experienced this!  I heard yesterday that this weekend is suppose to only be in the 60’s 😤 ugh as I say “you’re killin’ me Smalls”.  We didn’t get a chance to do a greenhouse as planned, but come late summer, we will be doing something in order to preserve our summer “crops” and to be ready for spring planting.  With our weather being this unpredictable it’s what we have to do so we don’t lose everything and can have stuff grow nicely.  My herbs are doing fantastic and I love adding some to the coop and nest boxes. Mint and lavender ward off flies and the lavender is great to add to the nesting boxes.  I tied some mint, lavender, oregano and sage together and hung it in their coop, smells good and then they can peck at it and enjoy the benefits of it 🙂 

     Now when I mentioned other additions, mama barnyard kitty, appropriately named Mama had her kittens the other day.  While we haven’t found them yet, I’m hoping this litter did survive (her last ones we never saw and think something happened to them) so we’re hoping for more barnyard kitties, which are strictly mousers!  

     Larkin and Spencer are not too sure about this small bundle of fur running around here, while Austin wants to play, they have other plans….although at times it does seem like they’re playing games with him, but as my friend and Pygmy breeder Linda Colville tells me, they will become use to him and his “buds”.


     Our chickens are doing great and the youngsters are all enjoying free ranging and definitely have their special spots they like to hang out in.  I’m anticipating eggs from them around the end of the summer and excited for that. More blue eggs and also copper colored ones!  Happy to say that Ricky does a good job of protecting his entire flock, no matter who they are or how old/young. He may be a s**t at times but when it comes to protection, he’s got that job down pat!!  The girls all enjoy when I add grass clippings to their run, they usually see me dump it in and come running to find whatever bugs and goodies they can!


     Sadly though, we do lose our little Buff Orpington Nugget.  In all honesty, I believe it was due to Drake the duck just going after her so much and well having his way with her…and since ducks and chickens can’t mate….ducks have an actual penis which is like a coil and can severely injure or kill a chicken and sadly I believe this is what happened.  Drake and the other two ducks, Truffles and Aflac have been very happy together and while Drake has found ducky love, I was very mad and upset with him over poor Nugget.  I did lay her to rest over in the area where Logan is. Rest in Peace little Nugget.

     Enjoy the weeks photos!

  As always…keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’re up to!  If you enjoyed this post, please follow, share with others who you think would enjoy or benefit from it and sign up so you don’t miss a thing and also for my weekly newsletter.    Have an Outstanding Day!



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