Dog Days of Summer

     Ahh the dog days of summer, well just the nice warm weather alone just makes ya smile!

      Now, while you should always be out having play/exercise time with your four legged bestie, summer brings even more time outside with them and along with keeping them safe and healthy in warmer longer days, there’s also tons of cool toys…everything to keep your fur baby doing the happy dance!


     First and foremost, you want to protect your pet against heartwormsfleas and ticks.  While colder times of the year and colder climates may experience a lull in heartworms, it’s still important to protect your pet from this year round.  There’s so many good products available now and even tastier than they use to be, making it more palatable for your pet and much easier on you to administer 🙂

     Protection against fleas and ticks is equally important.  I’m happy to say that in our area ticks are not as much of an issue as it was when I lived back east.  Maybe it’s the hot humid weather on the east coast, but I do know my family here and I have never had an issue with ticks.  For that matter, we’re fortunate with the fleas too.  Nonetheless, I still take protective measures to make sure our dogs have the protection they need especially since they do accompany us on our adventures 🙂

     Now, lets not forget all the really fun and cool toys for getting “Fuzzy” out there running, catching, retrieving and enjoying summer!  I love! Jus’ sayin’.  They have such a cool assortment of fun stuff and your pet will love seeing that box show up at their door step…I know ours sure do!  It’s super easy to order and get fast delivery too!

     Here’s just a few honorable mentions that will have you and your pet having a great summer of fun!  Don’t forget to have travel water/feed bowls and their backpack of “stuff” along on camping and hiking trips!


  As always…keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’re up to!  If you enjoyed this post, please follow, share with others who you think would enjoy or benefit from it and sign up so you don’t miss a thing and also for my weekly newsletter.    Have an Outstanding Day!



My favorite hiker with my favorite hiking buddy


Outward Hound Port-A-Bowl Pet Bowl, Green, 48-oz        Tuff Mutt Treat Pouch        KONG H2O Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle, 25-oz, Green

Chuckit! Junior Launcher, Color Varies          Hyper Pet Flying Series Dog Toy, Flying Green Duck    Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy, Large

Chuckit! Ultra Ring Fetch Dog Toy

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