Perfect Moment Monday

     Hello homestead fans,

     First, I hope all you dads out there had a great Fathers Day and got to make it the day you wanted it to be.  I know in our family my husband had a nice day and my son got to enjoy his first very own Fathers Day with his daughter Charleigh Jaye and of course Fisher, his pup!

     The dog days of summer are truly here and I love it!  Always loving the summer….it’s my absolute favorite time of the year 🙂 And we’re certainly in full swing here.  The gardens are doing well and we cannot wait to really start enjoying all the delicious produce.  While we’ve enjoyed some, like the chard and lettuce’s….all the best stuff is yet to come!  We’ve been enjoying evenings sitting out back with all the critters.  Larkin and Spencer love to climb into our laps and just fall asleep, yes they think they’re lap dogs!  Not sure how that’s gonna go once they are full grown Pygmy goats and weigh more ha…but nonetheless we love them and love their entertainment.

The container of Praying Mantis which we picked up…oh gosh….quite some time ago….the ones I was ready to give up on finally hatched!  I was just about to just toss the “sac” outside when I looked and was shocked to see hundreds of baby “Mandies…or Marties” so I happily placed them in the gardens to now enjoy!  Next spring I’ll be getting Lady Bugs!!!  These two insects are so beneficial to the gardens 🙂 

     Those of you following know this month has been a sad one with the loss of Logan.  Even with Zeb and Gabe, Logan is hugely missed.  There is a bright spot though and sometimes timing and events just happen to coincide and bring about something unexpected and meant to be.  I’ve always believed that while we can never replace a lost pet we do continue to receive their love through another and combined with the new pets’ personality, traits and love….you both begin a new chapter and journey.  Your lost pet will always live on in your heart and be “with you”.  Last week such a coincidence did come about that will bring some changes to the Frisendahl Homestead, not to mention Sage Brush Homesteading!

  I’d like to introduce you to Austin……………..

     While he doesn’t come home until next week, I do go over to see him in order that he bonds with me and gets comfortable with his name and my voice.  Some have said to me that “Logan knew I was ready to give another my heart and sent him”, and so a new chapter will be beginning and I truly feel that as Austin grows and plays with his “siblings” that Logan too is playing right along with them💕

     Truffles and Aflac have been enjoying a lot more time with Drake and thankfully Drake has realized “hey these are my kind of women” ….whew…..but he still needs to be separated from the chicken flock, ugh…after having all three ducks free ranging and being back with everyone else it looked like things were going well.  That lasted all about two days and then Drake decided he also wanted my Buff Orpingtons again!! Your’e killin’ me Smalls (Drake)! Sooo, back in ducky jail for Drake.  Now don’t feel sorry for the little fella….his ladies, Aflac and Truffles have taken quite a liking to him and do enjoy spending nights with him…Oh the antics that go on around this homestead folks!  

     All the youngsters are doing great and enjoying exploring with the older girls, but mostly like to stick together.  Some have found they could get into the goat area and  help themselves to a little “buffet” as Spencer and Larkin just lay there watching 😳  Um no ladies…this is not your space!  I’ve since remedied that situation…sorry ladies guess your just stuck with foraging and chicken feed.

     Enjoy the week in photos………….

  As always…keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’re up to!  If you enjoyed this post, please follow, share with others who you think would enjoy or benefit from it and sign up so you don’t miss a thing and also for my weekly newsletter.    Have an Outstanding Day!


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