Summertime and Chickens

     Summertime is finally here and yep even where we live! Ahh, I absolutely love everything about summer and always have! I’m especially fond of the evenings when we just sit outside taking in all the country goodness and the evening sounds 🙂

      Now that summer is here though, there are considerations when it comes to chickens.  Many people who are new to chickens in the summer start to worry more about the upcoming winter and how to take care of their “fowl friends” in cold weather.  However, summer is something very important to think about.  Everything from what’s in the garden that chickens can and cannot eat to those dog days of summer when the poor things are trying to stay cool.  Again, we cannot equate our level of comfort with that of chickens and what we may think they would enjoy…could actually be bad for them.  In winter, chickens know how to keep themselves warm, in summer they have their own ways of keeping cool, but providing additional shade, dust bathing areas, cool fresh water supply and tasty, cold refreshing treats for them is a huge help. 🙂  And as I always say, happy chickens–happy eggs 🙂 

     As a follower of Lisa Steele, this information came to my inbox yesterday and I wanted to share it with y’all.  I’m passing this on since I feel it’s all quite important and well we all like to stick together to promote one another and get relevant information out in order to help others.  You can read the full article here

     Summer chickens also can get into plants that are toxic to them.  For the most part, when chickens free range, they instinctively know what is good or bad for them and tend to stay away from the bad stuff, but there is always that chance something will be thrown in the yard that they could get in to and there’s the chance that younger ones don’t know what to stay away from.  The list below which I received via email from Backyard Poultry will give information on  the “no no” plants for our feathered friends and to also continue having healthy eggs for ourselves.

list of toxic plants


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