Humans Need to Stop Reinventing Nature and Take a Harder Look at Genetic Issues

     Pure breed dogs.  Wonderful and love them.  Every breed comes with their own issues and many breeders work hard to breed health issues out of them.  I’ve had purebreds my entire life and always said I will stick with purebreds so I know what I’m getting. HMMM.  I’ve changed my way of thinking and in doing a lot of research and not liking what I’m finding.

     I have no issue with pedigree or mixed dogs, what I have an issue with is the human intervention going on along with breeders who are more concerned with ribbons, titles and money than what’s actually going on health-wise  with their dogs.  To me, working harder and longer to find out causes or to help eliminate an issue is more important.  


     When I say human intervention, I’m talking about taking two large dogs and messing around with genetics to create a miniature breed of the dog.  Taking tan or brown dogs and an albino and working for a pure white dog.  And in general just messing around with trying to make these “designer dogs”.  Far too often I’m hearing that this is creating severe health and genetic issues and it’s being passed from generation to generation, litter to litter. Why? For the money? For the “designer dog”? 

     Man has stepped in and already ruined our food, they have to work on the animals now too?  This is all very near and dear to my heart.  As a person who’s owned Golden Retrievers, four to be exact in my lifetime, I have lost three to cancer and a cancer that is ravishing the Golden breed.  In speaking to the breeder I’ve used, she has even said this is the number one killer of Goldens AND it’s now getting harder to even have these dogs reach double digit age!  And this isn’t just a Golden issue, it’s a lot of the working/sporting class of dogs.  By the same token, this breeder had mentioned she will be using the semen of one of her dogs that passed ten years ago to breed puppies this summer.  I’m sorry, but I had this dogs son who only lived to be nine and died of Hemangiasarcoma AND the dad also had a form of cancer when he passed at the age of 13.  Why then would you even consider breeding with this dogs semen!  Champion on top of champion or not!  You’re setting it up for a health issue and heartbreak down the road!! There’s a reason why these dogs are not going past nine, some even don’t live past the age of six. Six, to me that’s still a pup in any breed dog, in a Golden well that’s just when they are “finally settling down” a bit 🙂


     Probably because it will hurt the dog breeding business.  Sorry, not good enough!  In doing breed research, I’ve found reports that are put out by agencies about breed specific health issues, in absolutely every single one, never is cancer mentioned!  This strikes me as odd considering that it’s rampant in canine deaths and getting worse all the time. I’m sorry, but to me there needs to be more attention paid on the part of breeders with this.  I know there will always be the “inbreeders” and backyard breeders. That’s bad enough and not something I ever condone.  But the designer breeding needs to stop as well.  As for those that are breeders for the profit (and rarely are they making huge profits with their overhead) and show, I just feel a harder look needs to be taken at these cancers along with taking more time and care to help “breed it out”.  I know just like with people, this can and will happen, but there’s too much of this going on.  It is heartbreaking to go through for both the dog and the owners!

     As for me, my next go around will be with either a rescue or a mix breed puppy that I can be sure of the breeds, but I will not look for a pure breed puppy, not with what I’ve gone through and not with the information I’m getting.  I know this is not my typical post, but again, it’s personal and important to me and I feel like more attention needs to be paid to all of this.


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One Comment on “Humans Need to Stop Reinventing Nature and Take a Harder Look at Genetic Issues

  1. Absolutely agree and think it’s ludicrous how humans will breed animals to the point of them being unable to naturally give birth and need veterinary intervention and treatment at every corner it’s just absurd.

    Your point about background, pedigree and registration made me think of what often baffles me which is the general unreliability of information to the point of it being almost redundant.

    For example my eldest dog (collie) was from a small farm in Yorkshire and came without papers, registration – nothing. We bought her for next to nothing and she came home in a plastic tub on the back seat of the car.

    Turned out she was quite the sheepdog and indistinctly went into mode when first put to sheep at 4-months. She was later registered on merit with the International Sheepdog Society having proven her worth so despite not being pure-bred or having parents that were -she’s now considered technically a tip-top sheepdog.

    My youngest on the other hand is the son of current and five time world champion “Sweep” who has won the International Supreme Championships and he and his father “Roy” won the Intentional Brace Championships twice. Fleet had a lot expected of him, was bought for a small fortune with the aim being for him to e trained to work and compete at trials however, there is no other dog on Earth less suited for work than Fleet. I swear he’s like the dumbest of dumb Retrievers trapped inside the body of a little sheepdog.

    However his bloodlines mean he’s worth a bob or two. The farmer was gutted when I told him we’d have Fleet fixed because using him as a stud dog would get us £250 a pop but I’m not interested in breeding and think there are enough unwanted dogs (and neglected collies) as it is so his gentleman plums came off shortly after he came home.

    Thing is, if I had used him as a stud – there would be nothing to stop me charging top whack prices based on his pedigree and no guarantee his puppies would be any more useful.

    Although Fleet is registered he’s a useless sheepdog. THE MOST useless sheepdog so how can it be reliable or in any way helpful to keep a record of dogs some of which will have been ROM and not bred from good or registered parents – and have a record of other dogs that were born to the best dogs in the world but are neither use to ornament to anyone.

    What is the point in keeping registers like this if it’s not really all that reliable at all?

    You’re right to veer towards a rescue / mixed breed though they’re generally so much healthier and live long, happy and healthy lives. My last Collie cross lived to be 19yrs old and only started suffering health problems six months before she died.


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