Caring for Cast Iron Cookware


     Over the years I’ve used many many pans for “frying” or sautéing and there comes a time when I like certain ones, but more recently I’ve come back to the cast iron skillet.

      I had used non-stick but ditched them quickly since too many utensils can’t be used on them and after learning so much bad about them.  I just don’t care for non-stick cookware myself and also like to use whatever utensils I want and not have to worry.  By the way, it has been noted that some non-stick cookware can emit fumes not good for baby chicks and ducks that you may have in a brooder in your home 

                                  TASTE’S LIKE MOMS HOME COOKING

      For quite some time I wouldn’t even look at cast iron since every time I used it whatever I made stuck to it, but this was cause I always scoured them with hot soapy water which is a no no with these.  I grew up with my grandma using a giant iron pan for something almost every night and as I recall, she never scoured it with dish detergent.  Ha, ever heard anyone say that when they eat something from a skillet that’s been handed down how it reminded them of “moms cookin” well that’s probably cause of all the good home cookin’ that mom did in that pan!

     Not only have I taken our cast iron pan out of storage, I’ve also brought another one back to our travel trailer as well, and happy to say that it out performs other pans and is very easy to take care of!

     Seasoning and caring for ironware is relatively easy.  With a little maintenance your cast iron cookware does outperform and will last for generations!


                                   COOKING TIPS FOR CAST IRON

  • You can use any utensils you want, including metal and no damage will be done
  • Cast iron can be used on any cook tops including induction and glass tops and lets not forget how you can use it on the grill too
  • Best to pre heat before adding food
  • Cast iron retains heat very well so use a lower heat to prevent food from sticking

                                   CARING FOR CAST IRON

  • Wash cast iron by hand.  Nylon bristle scrub brush or my favorite….scrub daddy can be used if needed.  Anything extra sticky can be easily removed after simmering a little water in the pan/pot for 1 minute
  • Dry promptly with a lint free cloth or paper towel
  • Rub a light layer of cooking oil preferably while the pan is still warm.
  • Hang or store in a dry place.

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