Perfect Moment Monday


     What a week it’s been.  One thing I’m happy to report to those of you following….Logan is still with us and doing “ok”.  Actually I laugh and say he probably just was having camping withdrawal and couldn’t wait to launch the season off!  I’m just treating every day as a gift.  He had started eating more and has even had a little more “pep in his step”.  I know this is temporary, but I’ll take it!

     We had been away camping for five days, just getting back to the homestead Monday afternoon…In time to take care of some things here, including mowing the lawn and picking up Larkin and Spencer from what we all call “summer camp”.  And of course in time to have a brief rain storm here as well!  While the weather has not been what ya would call Memorial Day weather….nope we are certainly not kicking off summer in these parts!  A couple of nights rained like crazy and we woke up to snow up in the mountains!  Thank God for a warm dry trailer with all the amenities!!  Hubby and I have been fishing, but not much luck in that department either.  Oh well, it was very relaxing and enjoyable no matter what!  Internet service is quite sporadic and slow up in the mountains which is why this weeks post is late.

     Reports from the gal taking care of our chickens is that they’re all doing good and laying nicely….she’s getting plenty of eggs to be sure!  Now this gal has recently started with chickens…I joked with her (wait was I joking?) prior to leaving that since she’s now a chicken girl….if she wants to do the daily cleaning she can go for it!  Um, don’t think she’s doing that ha.  My girls had their treasures waiting for me in the nests when we got home 🙂  As we were looking at the “teenagers” we both remarked on how big they’ve gotten!  Tomorrow is their free ranging debut and I can’t wait to see how they do.  Looking forward to seeing what they do when it’s time to go inside as well!  

     Prior to leaving, I put Drake in the goat area and decided to move Truffles and Aflac in with him.  I watched them before we left to watch the interaction…those two gals seem a little interested in Drake….he is a handsome boy…but that’s where it ends.  Being much bigger than him, these girls seem to “rule the roost” over him.  But all three were enjoying the pool when I put it in there with them.  All three were doing great and we decided to let them all out….Drake was a good boy…….for all about three minutes!  As hubby and I watched all three ducks sticking close together and being friendly, we noticed Drake picking up his step and yep…run over to the chickens!  Only to be met by one very mad Tess and Ricky who immediately attacked him for his actions! Ahhh Drake my boy, when are you gonna learn!  So now after I captured him I put him back in his ducky area.  Actually considering putting Truffles and Aflac in with him as well…still pondering this one though.

     I hope everyone had a nice long Memorial Day weekend.  Enjoy some photos of the week.

     As always…keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’re up to!  If you enjoyed this post, please follow, share with others who you think would enjoy or benefit from it and sign up so you don’t miss a thing and also for my weekly newsletter.    Have an Outstanding Day!


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