Pasty Butt…What is it…What to do…How to Prevent It

     Pasty butt is a condition that sometimes happens with baby chicks.  Typically the cause is usually from being chilled or even stress and it’s found more often in chicks that have been shipped via mail more than chicks which are hatched at home.  The condition develops when caked on poop builds up and literally blocks the vent and left untreated, can cause death in the chick.  

     Not to worry, this is something very easily treated.  When you see pasty butt, hold the chick in your hand and gently dip a cotton swab or even paper towel in warm water and continue to dab the area.  Olive oil may be used as well.  Keep moistening the area and very gently keep dabbing the area until the dried feces loosens and falls off.  Be careful not to pull in any way which could result in pulling the tender skin as well.  As you continue to do this, the feces becomes soft and wet and will loosen and fall off.  Depending on how wet the little hiney is, you can dry the chick off and place her/him back in the brooder.

     I usually continue to check a few times a day, each chick just to make sure all vents are clear 🙂  Sometimes the same chick will develop this again, not to worry just repeat the procedure.  I have heard that sprinkling a little cornmeal or ground raw oats on top of their feed helps their digestive system clear the feces build up on the inside while you’re taking care of the outside.

     Pasty butt happens sometimes, the trick is to check your chicks frequently and inspect their little fuzzy butts.  A paste free butt is a happy butt 🥰

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