Perfect Moment Monday Apr 29 – May 5

     Happy May y’all and can ya believe it’s already May!  It’s funny, back when I was a kid, my granny use to say “time goes faster as you get older” and me both being a kid and well…me said “oh grandma you’re so wrong and summer vacation really is sooo many months long” Duh! As I grew up, of course I realized, nope summer vacation was only 10 short weeks and time actually does go by faster.

     Once again, I or shall I say we, had the pleasure of Major staying with us again 🥰.  We sure enjoy having the little dude here and now he’s only on three bottles a day and different times, ah he too is growing fast!  My Larkin, the queen B, or as I call her “Princess Pygmy” certainly likes to get her point across to little Major that she’s the ruler, this is her family and her home and “you are just a little pip squeak visiting” Ha.  It’s kind of comical watching how she gets her “goat up” but Major even last week let her know he wasn’t gonna be pushed around anymore!  This week is a little different, Larkin had her moments on Thursday, but by Friday settled down.  She’s not hurting him, she’s just the Alpha and always has been, even since birth with her other two brothers.  Will be interesting when more Pygmy babes join the mix.

     My friend and the gal who is the breeder of our Pygmies, Linda Colville gave me this adorable mug when I went to pick up Major and I love it.  It absolutely fits me to a Tee!  In fact, when I went to pick up Major last week to bring him home, he rode in the front with me, I put the console up in my pick up to make it a bench and as he shimmied over on his towel and got closer to me, I looked down at this little face snuggled with his head looking straight up and thought to myself, if anyone told me that I’d be driving a big diesel Cummings pick up with a baby Pygmy snuggled up to me, I would’ve laughed.  Every day when I wake up to all this, I say who would have thought, but here I am and I AM ROCKIN IT! 

     Earlier this week I posted about first aid to have on hand, I have since also learned that coconut oil is also good to have on hand and to add to the first aid kit! Coconut oil is so good and just this morning I gave the chick youngsters some coconut oil with seeds and dried cranberries, a little skeptical at first, they soon got a taste of it and the rush was on to see who could get all the cranberries!

     Speaking of the youngsters, they’ve graduated to an extra large dog crate and by the end of this week will be going outside to the nursery area where they’ll have part of the other coop and run and be able to interact with all the other chickens but be safely separated until they’re just a little bigger.

     Planting has been done and we’re looking forward to harvesting our veggies.  And on another note, more dinosaur remains have been found on the farm!!!  This is the third dinosaur we’ve found since living here ha! You can see them in the photos below 🙂 

     Enjoy the weeks’ photos 

   As always…keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’re up to!  If you enjoyed this post, please follow, share with others who you think would enjoy or benefit from it and sign up so you don’t miss a thing and also for my weekly newsletter.    Have an Outstanding Day!



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