Perfect Moment Monday…..Apr 22 -28

     Happy Monday y’all.  I first have to apologize that this Perfect Moment Monday is a little bit late, what can I say other than it was just one of those really busy weeks where I didn’t get into my office much, and usually when that happens, I at least can sit outside or inside in my big comfy chair with my lap top.  Not this time though. With the really nice weather and being in the midst of projects we had to get done my writing was somewhat delayed.

     It was a week filled with getting projects done, enjoying beautiful sunny warm days, planting and…..having the opportunity to baby sit…or rather Pygmy sit a little four week old bottle baby who I’ve watched progress and grow since the day he was born.  I have to say that even though Linda Colville of Desert Sun Pygmy’s told me I have to bring him back, we don’t wanna give him up ha!  However, the good news is that this coming Friday I get to have him again for the weekend as Linda has another show to judge and asked if I’d mind sitting again…mind? Oh no way!! We love having him and it’s really been great for our dogs to get up close and personal with the little dude, he’s kinda just like having a little puppy around and he’s also enjoyed hanging out with our two Pygmies, Larkin and Spencer.  My hubby definitely has a soft spot for these little critters and on more than one occasion I found him holding and cuddling Major 🥰  We’re actually waiting for more kids coming up since we’d like to add to our little “herd” hey it’s goat math right?

     I started off the week with a visit to my stylist for a little bit of a hair change, dropping off eggs to happy customers and picking up some supplies for yard project. Our fencing got done in back and I must say that it’s kind of nice having the area back there where I can plant stuff and not have to worry about the chickens eating all of it.  Now, I love my chickens and don’t mind planting edibles for them, but when they want to eat every little “pretty” and our edibles I somewhat draw the line!  

     Speaking of planting….Friday was plant day! I finally gave in and could no longer take it…all the spring stuff out and thoughts of getting veggies and herbs in for harvesting just took over and I decided to get some going, with frost provisions of course….this year I was going to be prepared for some of the crazy nights we could have here.  So I get some nice plants and happily do my planting and smile at my veggie beds with the nice green youngsters standing up!  As I bring back a load of compost, I look at the time and see I need to get ready for our date night, Friday  is date night for hubby and I and we really enjoy going to a local country eatery close by to enjoy good food and good company.  As we get home from our date, I look at my gardens and 😲😲😲  where have all the little green youngsters gone to?? I think any of you gardeners will know what came out of my mouth in wonder!  My husband looks over and casually says “looks like you forgot to shut the gate” UGH was I ever mad at myself!!  Ok, so in my moment of checking time and momentary bad judgement, I had neglected shutting the gate to my “crop” but did my chickens really have to make such a meal out of it???  How do I know it was the chickens….tell tale signs of little chicken feet prints, scratched up soil and a few chicken poops! I’m hoping some of the plants will survive and come back…mainly the lettuce, chard and nice zucchini plant.  They only ate the tops, roots and some green are still there. If any of you have had this happen and can tell me how the plants came back, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section.  So needless to say, that evening the chickens did not get their usual snack, as I said to them “you all just enjoyed $9.00 in delicious young greens so no snack for you tonight!”  Of course they mumbled something in chicken and just walked away.  Hmmm 

     Truffles and Aflac are doing great and enjoying hanging outside and in their pool, they pretty much stick to each other and never are the two out of them not together.  Every day I can see more and more beautiful feathering coming out and they are very pretty ducks and most enjoyable, there will be more ducks coming to the homestead!  The baby chicks inside are getting so big and flighty.  In fact, today they’ll be moved to the extra large dog crate until they can go outside, and for them it’s another two weeks at least.  Especially with us having some cold over nights still.  Typically it’s said to wait til overnights are at least 50F, I have put young flocks out at lower temps, as long as they have a warm house to go into and to huddle as chickens do they are fine.  I believe in raising my animals as they were meant to be raised and have been for many many years.  When I first started with chickens, I said I’ll raise them as our grandparents did and as if I were off grid.  We cannot equate our own comfort with that of animals, after all God made them to be able to survive without human intervention 😊

     Enjoy the perfect moment photos 🙂 Side-note here: the eggs are another creation from our girls, I had nothing to do with it again….what can I say…they like well arranged eggs

     As always…keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’re up to!  If you enjoyed this post, please follow, share with others who you think would enjoy or benefit from it and sign up so you don’t miss a thing and also for my weekly newsletter.    Have an Outstanding Day!


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