Living Remotely…..Some Shopping Resources

     For many homestead/farmstead folks we live in more remote areas where quick, easy and variety of shopping is limited.  I’m a huge proponent of buying local, however, there are times what I want or need is not available in my area.  Big shopping for us, meaning where big stores are and quite a variety of shopping is located what we all here call “over the hill” this being Medford which our homestead is a good 100+ miles (one way) from.  Although when you live in Oregon, especially these parts, driving some distance is the norm.  Gone are my days of anything I want can be had within at least ten minutes in any direction AND I have lots of choices.  Ah but I wouldn’t change this for anything!  While there may be some drawbacks of living remotely, the positives and advantages far outweigh them and life is just better 😊

      Those of you who’ve been following along have seen me post about a product or company, I will never pass on what I don’t believe in or endorse.  When I find out about something that I know will benefit others, I just have to pass it on.

      Amazon is great!  And I would bet that everyone reading this has ordered through Amazon. We always say “gotta love Amazon“. From grocery products to farm items and everything in between… Amazon has been awesome and with Prime, for us pretty much everything we order is free shipping!

     Another company I’m a huge fan of is  Customer service has always been huge with me and whether a business is local or online, if they don’t have great customer service, they don’t have my business! Chewy has consistently proven themselves to both us and others we know who use them.  Most recently we had to change the food we feed all of our dogs, I’m happy to say they love their new food and so glad I was able to find a good food for them online. And I will say that when our pups see the UPS man with those big brown and blue boxes, they do a happy dance….no really!

     How many of you gals (and perhaps some of you guys) enjoy knitting/crocheting and don’t have access to a really nice LYS (Local Yarn Shop) in your area?  I lovvvvve some of the online sources for yarns and accessories. Loveknitting is one of my favorites for yarn selections, price and customer service.

So while I do have other companies I recommend for online shopping, I just wanted to give a few and not make this all about an ad page 😊


      As always…keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’re up to!  If you enjoyed this post, please follow, share with others who you think would enjoy or benefit from it and sign up so you don’t miss a thing and also for my weekly newsletter.    Have an Outstanding Day!






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