Perfect Moment Monday Apr 15 – 21

     Been a productive week around the ranch and things are starting to take shape 😊

    We’ve been quite busy with yard work. A lot of rototilling to level the yard out more and prepare for nice grass seed.  Work has begun on the fence which will give us a nice lawned portion of the yard that the chickens can’t get in to and we can enjoy.

     We’ve been getting a lot of much needed clean up done in between the weather cooperating with us and some very nice warm days in the 70’s brought bright happy faces on some of the spring flowers that have popped open!  So nice to look out and see the flowers  😊

     I’ve noticed so many of the local birds gathering nesting material in their mouths for nest building and the Hummingbird feeders are being hung back out to entice our little beauties back into the area, we love the hummers and have quite a number of them here.  I really enjoy hearing all the bird sounds now as we work outside, in particular in the evenings now that it’s light longer, it’s pretty cool to be able to get back outside to work after dinner and hear all the chirping noises.  Yep, ya just gotta love spring and summer, well truth be told, I have always been a summer person.  It’s never too hot for me and now that I live in a high desert climate, humidity isn’t an issue and I just love it. 

     Drake has been continuing to annoy our poor Aspen, Stella, Tess and Nugget and I found the need to finally separate him from the flock which I didn’t want to do, but after noticing the stress in my girls, he left me no choice.  So in “ducky time out” he went and will have to just stay there til mating season is over.  We actually called it ducky jail, but hey he’s in the area where the goats are and is doing fine.  The chickens are enjoying not being harassed.

      Truffles and Aflac the “ducklings” are now at least as big as Drake and getting prettier all the time 😊 they’re going to be so pretty once fully grown and feathered.  They are in the nursery and with the nice weather, I’ve also taken them out and let them explore their world and enjoy the kiddie pool we have for them.  What’s so funny is how not one chicken, even our rooster OR Drake even pay any attention to them whatsoever.  There’s not the pecking order or introduction trials with ducks as there is with chickens which is nice.  Due to them still needing a different feed than the chickens, I do put them back in the nursery later in the day.

     The chicks that are still indoors will be moving out in about another three weeks…if they even make it that long!  Using a heating plate simulates more like a mama chicken and since it’s not heating the entire brooder, the chicks typically feather out faster, and since they are doing just that and getting bigger, I usually put them outside at five weeks, by then any additional heat has been removed and they’re feathered enough to go out to the nursery.  While our evenings may still go a little below 50F, they have the warmth of each other in a warm coop.

     Enjoy the perfect moment photos 🙂

     As always…keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’re up to!  If you enjoyed this post, please follow, share with others who you think would enjoy or benefit from it and sign up so you don’t miss a thing and also for my weekly newsletter.    Have an Outstanding Day!



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