Perfect Moment Monday Apr 8 – 14

     Been a somewhat busy week here on the ranch.  New babies arrived on Wednesday and are doing great! The peeping box I received from Meyers Hatchery brought Lily, Peanut, Sage and Gabby, two Speckled Sussex a White Rock and a mystery chick! Hatcheries are known to put in an extra chick and needless to say I wasn’t complaining!  Now comes the fun part of finding out just what Peanut is as time goes on, could turn out to be a roo even and then just what breed she/he is, ah ya gotta love it though.

     We‘ve had a somewhat “not the best weather” type of week. While a few days we ok, we had so much wind that even if it was mild it just wasn’t fun.  Then a little rain, one morning saw some snow flurries which didn’t last and all in all it’s hampering us from getting much needed work done around here.

     Hubby has been trying to get much needed rototilling done both in the front and back yards and yard clean up continues, but I keep looking forward to the outcome:)

     Truffles and Aflac our ducklings spent a nice day outside on Friday basking in the sun, enjoying walking around and pecking at nice green grass and wondering about “that other one that looks and sounds like us”.  All their noise stops when they hear Drake!  Drake did wonder over towards the fenced in yard they were in, but seems like once he got a look at them he said “ah forget it…jail bait” and waddled off! Sounds good to me Drake….though next year at this time you’ll be quacking a different tone”.  Speaking of Drake, he’s driving some of our girls crazy and has even had to resort to spending his nights in his “bachelor pad” to give my ladies a break.  Once all the others are in the one coop and roosted, I escort “in search of love Drake” out and he spends a little time pacing and quacking but then just decides to go into the other coop and there he stays until morning.  I’ve had to close up the pop door til morning in order that everyone can get a restful sleep.

     Work was done on the nursery outside allowing the ducklings to move outside and have part of the run and part of the other coop, this way they can live as they should and still be protected from the grown chickens and “horndog Drake” until they’re bigger.  By the time the chicks are ready to go outside in five weeks, Truffles and Aflac will have joined the “general population” and it will just be a chick nursery.  The nursery has been made to be temporary and once all the chicks have graduated to the big world, it all comes out until next time, um which truth be told will be in late June when three more chicks will join the farm….hey its chicken math right (?) Yeah well math was definitely not my forté.

     Spencer and Larkin got a little play set in their yard, thanks to a gal at my husbands office who was getting rid of one!! They’ve been having a good time on it.  Larkin and Spencer love to hang around us when we’re outside working, sometimes they’ll stay right by us and other times they may just wonder a bit, but they are never out of sight distance and too funny to watch as they run spastically, bounce while running, stand up and do that goat side tilt thing.  Spencer loves to tilt his head and snuggle when picked up and Larkin just likes to cuddle no matter what and they enjoy going into the coops collecting eggs!  The one coop has a nest box door that opens and they love to stand up and look in each nest box 🙂

Enjoy the perfect moment photos 🙂

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