Freshness Test for Eggs

      I just love to learn new things and pass them on and the other day I received an email with this interesting fact about how to tell if your eggs are fresh and just had to pass it to y’all.

     While we’ve enjoyed farm fresh eggs all winter, even plenty to sell, now with longer days our girls are really producing. Currently I have twenty-two laying hens and get anywhere from 14-19 eggs daily, the average being about 15 which is great considering that some of my ladies are not heavy layers, Light Brahmas are big girls with sweet hairy feet but typically don’t lay every day.  However, we’ve got plenty for ourselves and egg sales are doing great weekly and I know this will increase!  I’m with Lisa Steele, I have eggs in cartons refrigerated in a shop always ready to be sold, eggs in baskets and bowls in our kitchen and always at least three dozen I keep in the refrigerator. But for many, this time of year is giving them an abundance of eggs and with having them all over, how do you know which ones are fresh.  There is the float test which I will admit I’ve never done myself, never have eggs around long enough to try it! And then there’s this method from Fresh Eggs Daily which I think is great!  Shake the egg.  If you hear nothing, it’s fresh…if you hear a little “sloshing” as Lisa calls it, it’s a little older.  So now you at least know what’s older and what’s fresher!  Love it!

     If you do have an egg abundance, good for you and I know you’re rejoicing, and by the way, that thrill of finding eggs in the nest just never grows old! I love finding one or six in nests and thank my Sage Brush Fuzzy Butts every day for their gifts to us 🙂  One thing you can do is scramble some up and feed them to your chickens, they love it and of course it’s great for them and no, it will NOT make them eat their eggs so no worries there. At about three weeks old, I start feeding my nursery babies scrambled eggs or even just mashed up yolks from hard boiled eggs.

Of course you can always bake, do omelets, quiche and so many other delicious goodies with your farm fresh butt nuggets, so enjoy and remember…always have enough on hand when it’s getting towards molting season since you may not see eggs for weeks…oh no!!

     As always…keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’re up to!  If you enjoyed this post, please follow, share with others who you think would enjoy or benefit from it and sign up so you don’t miss a thing and also for my weekly newsletter.    Have an Outstanding Day!



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Warby Parker

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