It’s All Pretty in it’s Own Way

     Our week started off quite rainy and windy but we managing to get through it and still get some stuff done.  We’ve started rototilling the back yard area that’s closer to the house in order to level it off and plant some grass.  I only wish we had done this sooner, with all the rain we’d probably have a gorgeous sod lawn by now..oh well.

     There’s always something to do around here and I always say it’s all a work in progress.  Our home is a very old, big ol’ farmhouse filled with love, laughter and charm!  But since it’s old, well things like new this and new that pop up, which we know and expect.  A little “history” on our home, it was built by original owners who worked in a former lumber yard and the outside walls are basically all heavy tongue and groove boarding, covered with sheetrock inside of course.  At one point when another owner took it over, they wound up adding a bedroom for each kid they had, so the house actually has seven bedrooms and two baths.  Unlike many other old homes, rooms are quite good sizes and lots of built-ins in the added on bedrooms, something not found in houses today 😦   At one time, the kitchen and what we’ve made into a laundry room were once a bakery, so in addition to being large rooms, there’s so much counter, storage, cabinets, pantries and drawer type bins.  Truth be told, there’s many cabinets I haven’t even used and may never! That’s a good thing though!  I even had a local gal make me a BAKERY sign for the kitchen! The house has real good bones and is solid.  An old un-safe heating system was removed and we heat with wood pellet stoves, it’s warm, easy and  quite economical!

     So now back to the yard.  This is a farm, this is not where you’ll find fancy landscaping with gorgeous gardens and lush green lawn. No, this is a homestead that’s always being worked on and improved, maintained and lovingly tended to.  There’s 6.5 acres where chickens, ducks and goats are allowed to enjoy a free range life.  Dogs can play and have fun either in gated yards or loose (when other critters are not free ranging).  Feral barn yard kitties enjoy all the festivities while being the most “lovable” ferals I’ve ever seen.  So now that we have all these critters roaming around, it’s harder to keep nice gardens…oh and did I mention the deer!  Yes, those sweet but destructive little munchers that enjoy the taste of whatever I think is pretty!  So now that the warmer weather is getting closer, my thoughts have been turning towards what to do in the back yard to pretty it up.  Up until becoming a crazy chicken lady, our front yard was the focus, there’s a large deck and that’s where we enjoyed hanging out and having dinners (when your house is in farm territory with no close neighbors and set way far back off any roads, you have plenty to look at and all the privacy).  However, once we started with chickens, well our entertainment turned to the back yard mainly..chicken TV got popular in this house and just enjoying the quiet and all the critters whether ours or all the “wild things” became so nice.  I enjoy grabbing a lap top or iPad and working outside once its nice, so having all these “office mascots” has really been sweet and another great blessing.  THESE co-workers never give ya any nonsense, but asking them to get you something is another story, oh the excuses I get from all of them…the dogs starting with “uh no thumbs”  and they keep on coming 🙂

     But, when you have free rangers, you have to plant with them in mind, from what to plant that is not easily dug up to what NOT to plant that could be harmful/toxic to any of them.  A nice lawn is hard to do with chickens and ducks so hubby and I have just decided to fence off an area in back which will be a nice lawn area and where they cannot get to.  This is where the rototilling comes into play! Another fun tool to use..yey!  Once we get that done and all raked out, fencing will go up just high enough to keep the “fowl” out of and seeded, along with keeping them out of the garden beds I planted all along the chicken run and part of the house.

     So as the title says it’s all pretty in it’s own way.  Frisendahl Homestead is not beautiful, perfectly manicured lawns, lush gardens and everything “just so” (even though I can be a little anal with some things) It’s where we can enjoy absolute peacefulness, raise and harvest our own little “crops”, enjoy all the farm creatures, live healthy and look up and see every star at night and we wouldn’t trade it for anything!  🙂   Doesn’t matter if it’s South Fork Ranch or The Waltons homestead each is a blessing….in it’s own way.

     As always…keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’re up to!  If you enjoyed this post, please follow, share with others who you think would enjoy or benefit from it and sign up so you don’t miss a thing and also for my weekly newsletter.    Have an Outstanding Day!


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