Perfect Moment Mondays….Homestead Happenings Mar 31 – Apr 7

     Perfect Moment Mondays…that’s what I’m now calling the peek at the week.  It just seems fitting since the focus of the newsletter (what? you’re not yet receiving the newsletter?? Oh no! Well fear not, just hit the pop up subscribe button or fill out the contact form located on the right sidebar on the home page, or just shoot me an email to add you) and a peek at the week post is usually comprised of photos or “blurbs” from the weekly “goings on”.  Usually it’s what I think is photo worthy, informative or just down right cute 🙂

     This week has seen soggy weather….great if we had planted more grass…but we didn’t and great for the duck(s), not so much this girl or Larkin and Spencer.  I’m just itching to get started on gardens and plantings and since the greenhouse we were going to use took a hit from one of the winter storms, well that’s my next big project.  But in the meantime, I’m going to start planting seedlings in the house to get a jump on things.  Sadly, in our area the growing season is not real long and while our weather is typically really nice, um by the way the Klamath basin is known for sun 360 days of the year, we still have seen a good frost even in June, yes folks I said June!  Hence the reason for the greenhouse! 

     On Saturday while it was windy and semi warm, I did take advantage of it and started doing some weeding in the front gardens.  The chickens do a great job of cultivating, but not digging up the weeds…now flowers that’s another story.  Why is it the chickens don’t bother with the weeds AND weeds grow no matter what!!  Larkin and Spencer enjoyed a break in the weather too and had a good long play time, but once that wind picks up they high tail it back to their house 🙂

     Here on the homestead we welcomed five new chicks..Yey!  Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte and Dottie moved in. Remember me saying I have a really really hard time leaving the farm/feed store without a box of chicks…yeah well I fed my addiction.  The twelve step is just not working for me!  The first four came home on Friday and Saturday morning when I needed to make a town run….well naturally I had stop by and peek at the chirping chicks at the Coastal and even though a couple of Speckled Sussex are arriving this week, I just fell in love with one of them at the store…yes I walked out with my green box of one chick, chirping the whole way home as I assured her she’s got a welcoming committee just waiting for her 🙂

     Our ducks, Truffles and Aflac (yes that’s her new name, well she’s an Aflac duck and it just suited her, what can I say) have grown so so fast and are starting to get their feathers in.  In the meantime, we’ve had a “soft graduation” on the farm.  What’s a soft graduation? I’m glad ya asked!  Well, they transitioned from the largest storage tub to an extra large dog kennel!  They have a bigger “swimming pool” and way more room to move.  They needed way more room to walk around.  So after them yelling at me for their tubby time, yes they kept on half chirp half quacking until I put them in the tub for a bit then they were happy and no longer yelling at me. Ah, the “tudes” have started ha! So as I told them, enjoy all the room and your next step is out into the big girl world!  They’re happy as can be now!

All this prompts me to say, not everything needs to be perfect and beautiful when you’re raising farm critters.  Sure, all the really perfect and pretty coops, brooders, barns etc are nice, but not everyone has that or can have that and that’s ok!  What’s way more important is that everything contains the essentials for healthy animals.  You’ve all heard me say (well actually “seen” me say) that I’m a huge proponent of being able to use what you have on hand in order to save money and get the job done!  I had this huge kennel, I simply added  storage container for their pool, took a piece of cut plywood from the barn, stapled some non slip rug pad to the board for traction with their new “flippers”, the center that I had cut out of the top of the brooder to add chicken wire, I just put on the one side to keep some of the bedding from coming out.  I’m not using much bedding right now, some leaves and straw are working well and the kennel bottom is a little rough so it works out nicely.  Last week they had graduated (wow another graduation…) from the heat plate so that’s no longer needed and they’re plenty warm.  Pekin ducks tend to grow faster than others and with that become hotter. So while this set up isn’t the prettiest, it is safe, meets the requirements for the littles and works and the only thing I did purchase was the little storage container for them to swim in, but this too will all be put away in the barn for the next duckling go ’round.  Other than that, nothing else was purchased for the duck brooder. Yes, there probably be more duckies added to the farm… year!  One more batch of chicks comes in June and then I’m looking to add a couple of Guinea Hens to the farm, that will be for August.

     In the meantime enjoy some of the weeks Perfect Moments 🙂

As always…keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’re up to!  If you enjoyed this post, please follow, share with others who you think would enjoy or benefit from it and sign up so you don’t miss a thing and also for my weekly newsletter.    Have an Outstanding Day!




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