A Peek at the Week on the Homestead Mar 24 – 30


Hi there homestead fans!  

I’m sure many of you may be getting back to your routines after spring breaks in some areas and if so, welcome back!  Happy April y’all!

Here on the Frisendahl Homestead spring is definitely in the air!  The beginning of the week started out pretty nice and then oh my…here came high winds, some rain, a little snow…while town and higher elevations saw skiffs of snow, here in what I like to call “the banana belt” we just had the rain.  No doubt about it, March definitely came in like a lion but she went out like a lamb!

I’m noticing so much more greening up around us, the spring flower bulbs that have been slowly poking up are now even visible from inside the house and pretty soon those green leaves will give way to pretty spring flowers…yey!  With spring comes plantings and you’ll want to check out this post on toxic plants to avoid having on the homestead

Our ducklings are growing by leaps and bounds..yikes!  I’m experienced in raising chickens from babies but this is my first time with ducks and I’ve quickly seen the difference.  Ducklings grow so much faster than chicks, however, they don’t seem to get their feathers as early as chicks, at just two weeks these littles are almost close to the size that my young chicks are when they’re fully feathered and ready to go outside!  Ducks are definitely more messy, but it really doesn’t phase me, I just marvel at the changes in them, enjoy watching them take their first splish splash and swim in the sink to now fully enjoying their water routine in their brooder, their growth rate, louder chirps and how they’re now eating from my hand and oh yeah…did I mention eating more?  It’s just another new experience for me here on the farm and I just soak it all in with enjoyment 🙂

The Homestead Store officially opened this week and I’m excited about that!  Currently in addition to digital downloads that are available, customized hats have been added. More goodies will be added as I go along so keep checking back.

For many of you that raise your own farm fresh eggs, it can be quite frustrating peeling a fresh hard boiled egg but this will help you be able to do it much easier while keeping the egg intact 🙂 

Spring love on the homestead continues to flourish around here with Drake and Ricky….Tess, Stella, Aspen and Nugget our four Buff Orpingtons I think have pretty well had it with Drake and at times do their best to keep him at bay…poor girls…hold on ladies, just this month and next and you’re good ha!  Tess is the one he likes the most and I notice she’s been first in the coop before everyone at “chicken down time”, I go in to talk to her and she almost seems to be saying “that duck is driving me crazy I need my sleep”  poor Tess.  As for Ricky, apparently with all his antics we still won’t be having our own chicks around here, since he tries his darndest but none of my girls have even been or seem to want to go broody. Oh well.  Three new chicks will be arriving next week (a second batch comes later) from Meyer Hatchery our two Speckled Sussex and one White Cochin will be peeping their way into our home soon. Just love the chickie babies!

Larkin and Spencer weren’t too fond of the weather most of this week, remember we have “prima dona Pymies”, they absolutely dislike rain or snow on their ears and fur but really dislike wind!  On several occasions this week, I took the opportunity during a break in the weather to do stuff outside and had them out with me, it was all fun and games until the wind whips up and then they start hauling their bouncy little butts all the way back to their house, usually with a quick stop at the chicken area to get a break from the wind!  Quite comical for sure watching these two.  Ah but over the weekend they enjoyed some glorious sun and both wound up falling asleep in my arms.

     I’ve rebranded the label for my egg cartons.  Indoor time gave me the opportunity to design a new label, something with a more homesteady/farmy feeling.  For those of you who wind up getting a lot of eggs, I can tell you there’s a definite market for farm fresh eggs! 

Please enjoy some of the photos from the week!

 As always….keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’re up to and have an outstanding day!    ~Cindy~



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Truffles and Ruffles at 1 week! They’ve doubled in size!


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