Easiest Way to Peel Fresh Eggs

     I come across this constantly and am asked “how the heck do you peel fresh eggs without removing most of the egg”.  Well my friends, here is a super easy “Appealing” way to do it!

    Steam the eggs in a steamer basket for approximately 15 minutes.  Once done steaming, immediately place in ice water and let them sit for about 10 more minutes.  Once they’re cooled, they peel amazing well and the best part is that you still have the whole egg! 

    Now while we’re on the subject of eggs, do you know that all eggs start out as white but depending on the breed can end up being shades of brown, cream, shades of blue and shades of green.  Most start out white, however, the yolk is encased in a shell and that travels down the oviduct and then the final color is based on the chickens genetics 

    Usually only once the egg gets to the uterus will it actually become colored.  There are chicken breeds that lay blue eggs, Ameraucana, Easter Eggers and Araucana.  In this case their pigment oocyanin is used to permeate the egg shell with the color.  Ever notice how blue or greenish eggs are pretty much the same color inside as well? That’s why.  However, in brown eggs it doesn’t work the same way and the inside of brown eggs is usually white.

    We have Ameraucanas that lay pretty blue eggs, and a couple of them lay greenish eggs.  I love how my egg basket always looks like an Easter basket and love getting a mixture of breeds that provide the beautiful colors!

    So now you can enjoy your peeled eggs AND get a little chicken trivia!

As Always….keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’re up to and have an Outstanding Day!   ~Cindy~


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