A Peek at the Week on the Homestead Mar 17-24

     Been a busy week here on the homestead.  The weather hasn’t been too bad and we’ve been making some changes and additions to the goat area which amusingly enough has it’s challenges.  These littles are always wanting to play so every time we get down at their level…there they are jumping on us, trying to grab my hair and the latest is how Spencer grabs the jacket zipper and pulls it down!  Ah these little Pygmy goats are sure amusing. I’ve been able to get some yard work done!  Winters’ aftermath cleanup takes a while when there’s so much to clean up.

Instead of our usual Friday date night, we spent a fun night with some friends of ours.  Donald makes THE very best homemade vanilla ice cream and gave us a big tub to bring home…MMMMM delicious!  Nothing beats homemade for sure!

     The homestead has gotten two new additions….two female ducklings named Truffles & Ruffles. As some of you may know, we have a male Rouen drake….aptly named Drake.  He’s a handsome young man who’s finally come to age and has been looking for love!  While he’s been raised with chickens and all my girls are his “sisters” he’s decided to go after at least four of the Buff Orpingtons, we say he just prefers blondes.  Tess, our biggest girl seems to be his poor favorite, um he likes big girls that are blondes I guess. Apparently duck mating season runs from March to May so we’ve…or HE has a while to go.  We’re not having much luck with “Quackersonly.com” ha. Poor guy can’t find love.  So after putting it out there that we’re looking for one or two females for him and not having much luck for our duck!  So when I went into the local farm/feed store they had some ducks in and I wound up leaving with two fuzzy little Pekins 🙂  Taking a chance since they were straight run, I was able to sex them and luckily and happily we do have females 🙂  Yes, you can sex ducks as males have a penis that does pop out and it’s easier to tell the sex.  This video will help show how to do this and it is advisable to do this within the first few days. 

So while poor Drake will have to just get through mating season and wait til our littles are old enough, nonetheless he will have two girlfriends….Truffles and Ruffles.

I’ve had to make another brooder since baby chicks will be arriving in a little under two weeks (yey). For me, the best brooders are from large totes.  Using the top, cut out the center portion, drill a hole in all four corners about 1-1/2″ from the cut-out area, cut a piece of chicken wire or hardware cloth slightly larger than the opening and fasten with zip ties.  This way you have a good fitting top especially if you have dogs or small kids.

As always….keep smiling it makes people wonder what you’re up to.  Have an outstanding week, Cindy


IMG_1061.png           IMG_1047 4

Truffles & Ruffles
Fresh homemade vanilla ice cream!!






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