A Peek at the Week on the Homestead Mar 10 – 16

      It’s been a pretty mild week weather wise here. Monday we did have some snow but by later in the day it was all gone.  The spring bulbs are popping up more and more everyday and now I just am thinking of some kind of little fencing I need to put around the gardens that I DON’T want the chickens getting into.

     We’ve added the permanent roof over the goat run.  Sometimes you try one thing hoping that it will work but later find out it’s just not feasible, works for the meantime, but not for the long haul.  We did that with the chickens when we first did the run as well. Chicken wire is over the entire area, but once summer approached I added plywood over some of it.  Later in the year we added plywood over another large area, while we don’t get rain in the summer here, once winter started with snow you quickly realize what a mess things become and tarps just always aren’t the best solution.  So now the chickens have large covered areas and also open areas.  We free range, but when not home they are safely enclosed.  And that’s what we’ve done for Larkin & Spencer as well.  The tarp and canopy worked for the short term only, and we needed to have something done so we were able to bring them home when we did  🙂.  The only thing left now is to build the feed bin which I’ll get to this week.

The last few days of this week gave us warmer days with lots of sun and that just prompts this farm girl to get a start on cleaning up the property from winters’ aftermath.  We still could get some winter weather, but at least getting started gives me an advantage.  Spring is definitely in the air around this homestead! Ricky our roo has been feverishly courting most of the hens and while he does this every so often, he’s been in really rare form this last week (?), I do think none of the girls seem to be too eager to be the bearers of his “spawn” though….ha, but if we do wind up with our own baby chicks, no worries.  Our bigger issue is that Drake our male Rouen duck has finally decided that he wants some love and has been going after one of the hens! My poor big Buff Orpington Tess has been attacked by him and at least a few times I’ve had to chase Drake off!  For those of you who don’t know this, ducks do have a penis and can kill a hen trying to mate with them.  Drake has been raised with chickens and this is the first time he’s gone after his own “sister”!!  We had adopted Drake and seven chickens, all are a year old now and well guess the love bug has bitten him. I’ve been looking for an older lady or two for him, but not having any luck.  Duck mating season is typically March to May so I’m hoping if no female ducks are found that we can safely get through this crazy love season.  If any of you reading this are in the Southern Oregon area and have one or two females you’re looking to re-home, just let me know.

We ended the weekend taking to the mountains for some side x side riding with a group of friends.   While we did encounter some areas with too much snow to even get through, the bright sun and high 50’s temps and good friends made for a great and fun trip.

I’ve been working on plans to add farm/homestead items for purchase on the site and getting excited over the designs….I think y’all will be pleasantly surprised 🙂  

Have a great week and in the meantime enjoy some photos from the week.

IMG_2772IMG_1023 2IMG_2775 2IMG_0929


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