A Peek at the Week on the Homestead Mar 3 – 9

    Here on the farm this week the weather did start out pretty nice and there were a couple days I didn’t even wear a jacket outside and the sun felt so good, in fact one day as I was on the phone sitting outside, I had sweet Spencer in my lap and he fell asleep. Time to change our clocks ahead making for longer days which to me is one sign spring is on the way.  The spring flowers are beginning to pop up and gardening ideas are running through my head.  Pretty soon I’ll be getting the beds ready and plantings in the greenhouse, Yey!

     Larkin and Spencer have adapted very well and enjoyed a good first week in their new home.  We’ve already begun to make some changes and additions to their house and yard.  I’ve added a little porch right outside their house door which they seem to be really enjoying, also added what I call a “feeding wall” of course I used a pallet, works perfectly since the slats hold their hanging feeders very sturdy.  We’ve added a canopy over the tarped area since we’ve had snow and rain, this gives added protection and keeps the tarp dry.  Once the weather breaks, plans are to add a frame and roofing over the yard where their house is.  A feed bin has been added as well.  All in all they’re doing great and having a lot of fun as are we.

     I also managed to change up where the chickens feeding supplies have been making it easier and quicker for me and for the sweet gal who takes care of our farm when we’re away.  Now the fun stuff comes with labeling the bins and making them look pretty….again all when the weather does finally break.  I relocated  a roosting section I had in the run still keeping it so that when littles are in there they have a place to escape to once introductions begin.

     We’re getting more eggs all the time  and egg sales have been great, I’ve also gained another egg customer this week who’s very happy with our eggs.

     I’m looking forward to getting started on a lot of little things this week so I’m hoping the weather holds out.  Another project that’s in the works is for the addition of some apparel and other items to be added to the site for purchase.  Currently I’m working on the designs so stay tuned, I’m sure you’ll all be pleasantly surprised.

     Enjoy the peek at the week on the homestead and as always if you’re enjoying the homestead website and this newsletter share it with others.

               And as always, smile…it makes people wonder what you’re up to. 

Have an Outstanding Day!  


Larkin & Spencer came inside for a bit
Sweet Larkin
Madison is always the first brave girl out in the snow
Hmmmm here we go again with this white stuff




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