What’s the Difference? Glad You Asked

     There is a misconception that all small goats are Pygmy goats and they’re all the same in many aspects but this simply not so.

     When I first thought about getting goats I wasn’t quite sure which breed I wanted, had some idea but wanted to do my research first.  I’m like that, like to know what I’m getting into before I commit cause well, I’m just a go big or go home kinda gal.  I looked a various breeds of goats and there’s so many cool breeds whether for pets, milk or meat, but knew I did not want to be milking goats twice a day or even just every day. Right now I wasn’t looking for a meat goat…that may come as goat meat is very good.  

     Then one day I see a fb post with someone having a Pygmy hopping around and “talking” back and forth with him. Ok that’s it, I was hooked!  I mentioned this to my husband and he had told me his sister use to have them and they destroyed her car (?).  Some people told me Pygmies don’t jump, others said they absolutely do so don’t have them anywhere near what you DON’T want them on. Hmmmm. But I wanted Pygmies! 

 When I found my breeder I think I asked her every question there is about Pygmies and that was the first one, can they jump on say a truck. Linda Colville, Desert Sun Pygmy Goats has been a tremendous help as well as Kathy Griffiths, Griffiths PygmiesGriffiths Pygmies. Linda informed me that Pygmy goats cannot jump high, they need “steps” in order to get up on something tall. So unless I have graduated steps around things they’re banned from, they can’t make it up.  Something I’ve seen first hand. A true, pure-breed, registered Pygmy has much shorter legs than other goats, are stocky and compact and lack the direct high jumping of other goats.

     Herein lies the misconception…that all small goats are Pygmy goats and not so.  For instance there are Nigerian Dwarf goats and while being a small goat are different. They can be milked. A Pygmy only produces milk when it’s nursing.  And well just think of how much harder it would be to milk them since they’re so stinkin’ short…unless up on a high milk platform, or you’re Gumby, it wouldn’t be easy…jus sayin’.

     With any goat you are considering, I highly suggest doing all your homework.  Look into and perhaps join some associations.  Talk to breeders, just don’t take only what some people may say, or for that matter post on social media.  I received quite a few responses as well as others who have “small goats” that my goats will jump on anything they want, but not all small or “dwarf” goats are created equal.

Needless to say, once we had all the facts hubby didn’t have an issue with the littles and he just loves them now as well 🙂  In fact, he even joked about getting more….wait perhaps that wasn’t a joke after all. Hmmmm


goat comparison51469643_2308688642477730_7826508587542249472_n








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