Too Much Cuteness

     Here on the homestead we’re in cuteness overload! Whether I’m inside or outside I get a dose of cuteness and entertainment either from chicken TV and now from Pygmy goat TV!  Be still my heart 🙂

     We welcomed Larkin and Spencer home yesterday and it’s an absolute joy having them here.  Larkin’s registered pedigree name is Desert Sun’s Meadowlark Larkin and Spencer is Desert Sun’s Yoda’s Spencer (oh those Yoda ears!!) While I fell in love with them the moment I saw them at only a couple days old, my husband fell in love with them when we picked them up yesterday!  He’s amazed at how lovable they are.  They’re already my little body guards, my shadows and now in addition to a flock of chickens and duck waddling behind me, I now have running and hopping little Pygmies!  Can ya stand this much cute and amusement!!

     I’m happy to report that they had a great first day and night here on the homestead.  While there’s still little touches here and there to do, since ya never really know what they’re gonna do until they are actually here…nonetheless they have all their comforts and are doing great.  Daily updates to the breeder brings joy to her as well.  

     Today has been a beautiful day, some clouds but for the most part sunny  and high 40’s. A great day to be outside with all the critters! One of Larkin & Spencers’ favorite things is to be brushed as I found out today:)  They just stood there leaning up against me all glassy eyed and I really thought I put them into a brush coma! So now when the brush comes out they are all excited, tails wagging and in their glory.

     Their house was fairly quick and easy to do.  By now you know I’m the “pallet queen”. I LOVE pallets, well cause they have infinite uses, are usually free and plentiful and are well made. We used a total of seven pallets for a 4′ x 8′ goat house. Few sheets of OSB board and 2 x 4s.  The pallets I get for free which is a plus!  For the run we used heavy duty pig panels and well me being the one who likes to use what you already have, we took these from way out in our pasture, it was a fence we wanted to take down anyway for easier cutting and baling of grass. Inside the house is all lined with OSB and I’m probably going to also add it to the outside as well, just added protection.  Pine shaving bedding close to two feet thick and heavy plastic and added blanket for the door covering so the littles can go in and out when they want to.  We covered part of their run with a tarp just to give them covering from the weather and shade in summer, although they’re close to a nice little shady apple tree (I’m sure they’ll enjoy those apples in the fall).  Plenty of fenced in area(s) for them when I’m inside or not home to protect them.  For the most part, these little gems will be out and about with me….did I mention they’re my shadows LOL.

To build a 4’x8′ pallet goat house you’ll need:

  • 7 pallets (approximately 4×4)
  • 3 sheets OSB board (this will all be painted later
  • 2 2×4’s
  • 3″ construction screws
  • 2″ construction screws
  • Circular saw and/or reciprocating saw

Secure the bottom pallets together, add OSB flooring.  Put up sides, back and front and      securely fasten.  Cut  OSB to size for inside walls and securely fasten. Be sure to cut        the inside panels higher in the front allowing for the roof to be on a slant so water and      snow does not collect and sit on roof.  Add whatever type of door you would like.  We        built this whole house for under $35!!










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