The Blog Gets a Face Lift

     As some of you will notice, my blog site has taken on a whole new look.  I felt it was time.  While this site has not been around that long, I was feeling it needed a fresher more fitting look and well, since the site has grown it was time for a little more professional look and feel.

     With this new site I’ve now included a Recipe feature will be chock full of delicious goodies and as always I like to provide most with farm fresh ingredients cause well we all know that there’s none better!

     Also added is a Printables section.  I enjoy the homesteading lifestyle as a freelancer, being able to work when and where I want and most of that is spent outdoors with all our critters on the homestead.  Being able to fit in some income producing work along with working on the homestead which is where a lot of my inspiration comes from 🙂  Especially when I’m designing say an invitation, rustic and simple themes are my favorite to do 🙂  Our homestead was the inspiration behind the name of this blog and for my freelance business, since my home office is a beautiful bright cheerful room with a full view of mountains, sage brush and trees.  I do offer my designs for purchase  to those interested.

      I’m looking forward of adding so many more tips, tricks, hacks and useful information regarding homesteading along with health & wellness.  More DIY projects will be coming as well.  As always if you enjoy this site, you can leave comments and I will respond, as well as signing up for updates and my weekly newsletter which is usually a little peek at the past week featuring photos from that week.

      Have an outstanding week and be well 🙂 

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