A Peek at the Week on the Homestead Feb 17-23

     This was a short week with hubby being off on Monday and we decided to go riding the side x side up in the mountains with some friends.  Always a fun trip and we had hoped to get much higher up but way too much snow!  Surprising to us since when ya look up in the mountains it sure doesn’t look like much snow, but after getting a ways up and encountering more snow the higher we went, it just got to be too much snow to go through even with these toys.  Once we reached about 24″ or more of snow we decided to turn back.  But it was sure pretty and fun no matter what.

 A few little overnight snowfalls brought a few inches of new snow, most of it is gone in the lower elevations and now its mud time…lovely….but it’s life on the farm.  However, now we’re once again on a “severe snow warning” (??? She bugs her eyes out…) and its been snowing on and off.

     We enjoyed a couple evenings out with friends and of course our date night 🙂  and work has begun on Larkin & Spencer’s new home, getting close to them coming home within a week so getting supplies ready for them to have them settle in nicely.  We’ve started their house in an adjacent shop and once we move it outside, will finish the inside walls, roof and doors since we didn’t want to add more weight to it making it harder to load onto a trailer and move to the final location.  Pallets are wonderful for building all sorts of things and I love pallets!!  With having a ready supply of them when I need them, it’s a very cost effective way to build things around the homestead.  With them being sturdily built and “double walled”, they make a great choice for a goat house.  Plywood will be going on the inside walls, floor and roof so they’re smooth, and using pallets for the base (or sub flooring) raises the house up off the ground considerably adding for more warmth.  Once the house is outside, I can also add some slats to the sides adding to the “esthetics” and making it all easier to paint once the weather breaks and it’s warm enough to do some painting.

     Cattle fencing will be put up to make a yard for them around their house when they’re not free ranging or in other fenced areas of the ranch.  I know as time goes on I’ll be adding things here and there, a canopy and any other cute, farm or antiques I can find, not to mention some outdoor lighting and potted plants (higher than Pygmies can reach) because well…goats like fancy stuff too …jus sayin.

     My list of outdoor projects is beginning and I cannot wait to get back outside every day to do all my little projects.  In addition to my orchid and geranium, the hibiscus is going through another blooming session and just gorgeous!  I do enjoy having all these lovelies inside in the winter 🙂 

     Egg production is increasing (they’ve had steady egg laying daily all winter) and the girls have been laying from early morning until close to 5:00pm each day and our double yolk layers are back in production!  It always amazes me though, I’ve got a total of 14 nest boxes between two coops but when a hen wants a nest…she wants THAT nest!  Today as I was scraping the roosts, paint scrapers work best for this by the way, there were three empty nest boxes and one of my Brahma girls’ was “in production” in one.  Willow, another one of my Brahmas just had to have that box. There she stood squawking at her sister and coming over to me as if to say “can you please get her out” (???).  I just laugh and say “go poop your egg in another box Willow” but no she was relentless, to the point that she actually crawled  into the box and I now had two big girls in one box laying eggs!  Poor Daisy was under Willow and I guess it worked out since I found two eggs!  Never a dull moment with these chickens!

     And as a follow up to an earlier post this week regarding baby chicks, I did go back to the feed store yesterday, I did go to each stock tank and talk to the babies and I did walk out…..without any baby chicks!  Ha! I did not give into temptation..but with three weeks til my littles arrive that’s fine.  Now to pick eight more names.  Hmmmmm.

     I’m posting a photo of the goat house and will follow up with complete step by step photos along with material list once it’s all finished.

     Thanks for reading, hope you’re enjoying the blogs and have a great week!



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