Something Fowl is in The Air

     It’s beginning to look a lot like chicks….and ducklings……and guineas!!  If any of you are like me after getting your first few chicks, you’ve become addicted..yep you drank the Kool-Aid and there’s no hope for us folks.  Just something about those peeps and little balls of fuzziness that seem to call us over and say “take me take me” . While in a local farm/feed store earlier this week, what to my wondering eyes does appear but newly set up stock tank brooders…heat lamps on, bedding in and food trays filled!  Yep to me it looked like the littles would be in there by the evening, so now when I go in again tomorrow, I’m going to be greeted by peeping sounds beckoning me over. Ugh it’s tough to resist.  But with my order of littles coming in three weeks from an order placed a couple of months ago, I’m going to have to go into a little bit of “chick rehab” and just look but walk away.  Whenever I get new chicks, there’s always a plan in place timing wise, to make sure I only have 1 brooder going, at least once my newbies are 5 weeks old they are fully feathered and ready to go out to the coop nursery and then I can give in to those little ones in the store!

      I had ordered some rare breeds consisting of more layers of blue eggs and also heavy layers. I love the different colors, so far ours run from dark brown and shades in between, to cream, blue and a couple greens.  Guess I have my own colorful Easter basket  🙂 

          With the onset of chick season starting, it’s important to have supplies on hand and ready for when you bring your babies home.  However, if you wind up like so many who go into the store with no intention of walking out with chicks but you just can’t resist those peeping little balls of fuzziness, there’s some ideas below of items you can use in a pinch so your babies have a place to live.  Just remember that as you’re holding onto that peeping box of littles…swing by the feed isle and grab a bag of chick starter for them and a heat lamp that can be hung far enough from the brooder to not be a fire hazard, or a Premier Chick Brooder Heating Plate  or Brinsea EcoGlow

Here’s a “chick-list” of what’s needed before your chicks come home:

     A large plastic tote I’ve found to be the best brooder, you can use a utility knife and cut out the center of the lid, cut a piece of chicken wire or hardware cloth slightly larger than the opening,  drill holes on each of the 4 corners and secure with zip ties. (I’ll be posting more on making a brooder later). In a pinch you can also use a cardboard box, pet pen or crate, stock tank or even a galvanized tub.  Again, just be certain to have the top covered.

     So enjoy those littles, and handle them often so they get use to be held.               untitled2

412-n4j4GCL._SL250_   31VjAdzfJJL._AC_US320_QL65_ copy 




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