A Peek at the Week on the Homestead Feb. 10 – 16

 This week brought more snow to us,  then rain which washed away most of the snow leaving a lot of mud, then more snow…yey….then warmer temps to melt the snow…and mud…then a little more snow.  We got 2 light snowfalls Friday and Saturday evening so there’s still the prettiness instead of so much mud.  But nothing ya can do, its life on a farm and Klamath basin weather and no matter what, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else 🙂    

     The weather got me in the mood for some nice homemade bread so I wound up making delicious crusty artisan and cinnamon raisin bread which is my hubby’s favorite…yummy!

     Friday nights are date night for us and going over to a local country restaurant is always good and lots of fun 

     We picked up a few materials that we need to build the goat house and today building gets underway for our littles.  First things first, so once the structure is up and the fencing goes around…wellllll then it’s time for the fun part….a little decorating here and there…I mean Larkin and Spencer have to have a nice area right, and after all Pygmies really like a pretty little home…right?

     Hoping the weather holds out for me this week since I have plans for outdoor work on the goat house and enclosure along with some changes to the chicken area.  So stay tuned for more to come…hopefully this is will be a drier and busy week on the homestead.  In the meantime, enjoy some photos from this week’s homesteading happenings….


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