Thrift Finds, Like a Box of Chocolates..ya Never Know What You’re Gonna Get


     I love the goodies I find at antique, thrift shops and yard sales!!  I have to admit that I don’t get to yard sales as much I’d like to, but we have some great shops in our town that are filled with treasures….come to think of it, one is even called Treasures!!  Whether it’s an antique shop or one of the other resale shops around town, I always seem to walk out with something…..or quite a lot of things  for bargain prices 🙂

     So many things you would use on the homestead can be had at any of these types of places and saving you quite a bit of money.  So many times on my travels when I see something I think of the ways I can use it, and well then there’s those times I just really like an item with no particular use in mind but later on it winds up being perfect for a particular need.

     Some of my favorites are those old enamel baking or roasting pans that many of us grew up around or even used at some time or another.  I love these pans for feeding the chickens (and will use for the goats as well).  They’re great for feed, water or even treats.  Deep enough to hold substantial amounts but yet sturdy enough that the chickens can’t tip them over, and they’re super easy to clean and don’t rust.


     In my travels I also found this little goodie which is great for holding grit and oyster shells  or even some little treats.


 There are so many things you can find that can not only save you money but also just look really cute too!  Since the building of our first coop and run last May, we’ve since added another coop and extended the run area and we were able to keep costs way down and have sturdy structures.  Now that all that is done, I’m always looking for things to decorate with that don’t have to cost a lot and of course the chickens all say they love what I’ve done with the place!

     So search those thrift and resale shops, watch what treasure someone may have put at the curb or in yard sales.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get things set up and looking nice!

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