Keeping Ahead of Cold & Flu Season

     Cold and Flu season can wreak havoc on everyone no matter what you do whether you go out to work or are taking care of a homestead it’s never good.  Having said that, when you are the one who has to go out and take care of critters and/or chores that need to be done, being sick is the very last thing you need.  So here we are in cold and flu season and everywhere I go someone I know is down with the flu.  Keeping steps ahead and being mindful of every day habits can certainly reduce the chances of getting sick. 

     I’ve owned a health & wellness business for eleven years now and there have been so many times that I cannot even count, where providing information on products has been a huge blessing to many.  Having a knowledge and belief  in the benefits of natural, organic, pure and safe products, I always like to let others know that there are choices and alternatives out there. Hey I always say if you’ve got something that you know can be a benefit and help to others why would you wanna keep it a secret?

     Taking an Immunity Booster daily can be a huge benefit and I can honestly say that over the years, taking this Immunity Booster has been a Godsend for both myself and my family.  We swear by this stuff.  I’ve also found that taking this at the first sign of a cold or flu has either kicked it out, or lessened the length or severity of it. Like I said, we all swear by this!

                      Arbonne Essentials® Antioxidant and Immunity Booster social_image                                      

     Grab a 1 fl. oz pouch of superfruit juices infused with powerful antioxidant, immunity and energy ingredients to support immune health and provide a gentle botanical energy boost.

     Now I don’t know about you, but I know I couldn’t  consume all the foods necessary to equal what this little pouch has in it! Just take a look at this!

im boost.jpg

Stay healthy everyone and enjoy your day!

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