Here’s A Peek at the Week Feb 4-10

 The past week brought some pretty cold temps and along with it came the white stuff!  Yep, we finally got snow!  Here on the Frisendahl Homestead we got about 6″ and with the cold it’s still here, and we’ve received a little more each day or night, but just little dustings.  Since it’s been cold, the snow has remained on some of the trees.  All in all it’s been very pretty.

     Despite the cold and snow, my thoughts have turned to spring plantings and beginning my list of what we’ll be growing. With our growing season, I’ll be ordering seeds and plants next month after deciding what to plant. I’m looking into “chicken friendly” plants this year!  Last year was my first year with chickens and they had quite a party with the plants and gardens.  This year I’ll be doing “gardening with chickens” and of course …..goats!  More posts will be coming on this topic.

     The girls are laying beautiful eggs every day and I will never get tired of looking in nests and finding their gifts.  On Friday my husband was with me while gathering eggs and commented they provide us the eggs in thanks for the great care I give them.  I believe he called me their “mother hen”.  Speaking of collecting eggs, with so much of the country experiencing very cold temps, be sure to collect eggs daily to keep them from freezing.  My girls lay at various times during the day so I wind up collecting them three times a day.

   Time was spent visiting Larkin and Spencer and playing with them.  This week they enjoyed cuddling and jumping on me a lot more.  They’re really getting their little “Pygmy shapes” and just love it!  They’re coming home in a couple weeks..yey!

     In a few weeks the baby chicks come….yey!  Already thinking of some names…after all I do need 8 names 🙂  Once the chicks are here and settled in their brooder and little Larkin and Spencer our baby Pygmy’s are settled into their new home, then will come a few little ducklings 🙂   Stay tuned for more happenings and tips




2 Comments on “Here’s A Peek at the Week Feb 4-10

  1. Enjoying your blog! There is such a simple joy to receive those gifts each day from our faithful gals. The pigmy goats are so sweet! Just wondering what you raise them for. Love the pictures!


    • Thank you so much and glad you’re enjoying it. As for the Pygmy’s, I just love goats and when I was looking into various breeds, these sweet little shorties captured my attention. Just have the two, Larkin a doe and Spencer a wether, they’re just pets and mini “landscapers”. Just for us to love and enjoy!


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