Homestead Mornings

     Mornings in our home are always pleasant. The days always have a nice start to them and no matter the weather, I always look forward to going out and taking care of the critters.  I always make sure the evening prior that they have plenty of food and water in their runs since they are usually up before me and this way they can go out and get what they need until mom comes out 🙂  But once I come in and feed the pups its my coffee time! Something I really enjoy is a delicious cappuccino or latte.  I have this nifty frother which my daughter gave me as a gift and I just love it!  Ninja Coffee Bar Milk Frother is so easy to use and makes a wonderful creamy froth.  Another cool little tool for achieving a milk froth is the PowerLix Milk Frother. To me sitting down in my nice big chair enjoying my coffee is “me time”. It’s my time to spend in devotion, reflection, going over my planner/journal for the day and just being ever so thankful and grateful for all that we have.  Being grateful for everything is a biggie for me and a key to so much in life.  I also enjoy having one of these wafers with my coffee too, feels a little “indulgent” and they’re so delicious!  A friend of mine turned me onto them!                    51d4fx9cORL._SL250_

Last night we enjoyed crabs for dinner and the chickens all got their own feast this morning….um well so did one of the barnyard kitties – LJ decided to dine with some of the girls.  Makes me laugh at the interaction between the kitties and chickens, here I was afraid the cats would go after the chickens…oh no! I think the cats believe these big birds are some kind of velociraptors!

Speaking of giving crab or lobster shells to chickens, when I first saw a friend grab these for her chickens I thought what the heck! But as I mentioned in an earlier post, it’s great calcium  for the girls.  I do sell our eggs and receive the best compliments on our eggs and how nice and hard the shells are.  The calcium and benefits it provides is great for the chickens and when doing this and crushing up their own egg shells, the purchase of oyster shells isn’t necessary.  Truthfully when I put the oyster shells they take quite a while to go after them, but not so with seafood or egg shells!

Yesterday I went over to spend some time with Larkin and Spencer my Pygmy babies.  Seeing their personalities grow every week has really been so cool. I had a harder time getting photos of Larkin…but Spencer seemed to enjoy his photo ops!  They are so lovable and have a way of just brightening up any day!  They’re now eight weeks old and will be coming home to our homestead in a couple of weeks then I can really enjoy them and give them lots of lovins!  Tried doing a little video which wasn’t the easiest to do.

Hi! It’s me Spencer!!!!
Drake our Rouen



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2 Comments on “Homestead Mornings

  1. Just started following your blog! sounds like we have much in common. I’m enjoying blogging as well. I find it a nice way to meet people and enjoy life together; like having a pen pal! Love the animals and yes on the coffe and quiet time!! The best!


    • Hi and so glad you’re enjoying and following along. I’m really enjoying it and as homesteaders…well there’s always something to share and I agree it’s a great way to meet people. Where are you located?


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