Here’s a Peek at the Week 1/19 – 1/26

Can’t believe this is the last week in January, whew time does just whizz by!  Most of last week was spent in Reno.  Hubby had a company function so why not make a little vacation out of it right?  We’re fortunate to have someone who can take care of all our critters while gone making it so much easier and less stressed.


     While gone, I have the gal taking care of the chickens take the eggs to enjoy and oh boy they had a nice collection which was really great!  We got home on Friday and since I told her no need to do anything that day, we came home to a dozen beautiful eggs!  Thank you ladies! I always thank the girls!  🙂 

     This was another really productive weekend, well honestly truth be told Sunday actually was.  Saturday we did pretty much a whole lot of nothing and didn’t feel one bit guilty about it.  Sometimes it’s just nice to have a “veg day”. 

     Sunday my big chore was to clean out the coop.  I’m a stickler for a clean coop.  Let’s face it, chickens are dirty creatures….while we do love them…they are mess makers for sure!  Now really when you’re doing the deep litter method you can get away with a total twice yearly clean out.  Ideally in the spring and then in the fall.  However, I’m a little bit of a fanatic when it comes to this so I tend to do it more often. Four times a year at least is typical for me.  I remove all the bedding and scatter it in garden beds and add to our compost pile.  Adding it in gardens at this time of year, gives it a little chance to “cool down” so as not to burn plants and seeds.  For me spreading isn’t really necessary since once all the chickens see what moms doing it’s a free for all and my little cultivators are at it!

     Pretty much every day I go in and clean off the roosts, with so many chickens they make a lot and big poops and I just feel like they deserve to have clean roosts to sit and lay on. Once all that is done, I put in fresh straw on the floor and in nesting boxes and start my laying of the deep litter method all over again.  Now I’m good for a few months


    For now, enjoy some photos over the last week and yesterday and stay tuned for more!


Have an Outstanding Day!



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